Update WordPress Like a BOSS


WordPress 4.0 Has Been Released.
NOW is the time to ‘Update WordPress like a BOSS’!

“Another WordPress Update!?”….

You know how important it is to keep your WordPress installation up to date, but you fear clicking that blue button. 

This report is for you if you want to feel confident every time you do a new WordPress update and you never want to fear what will happen again.

The key to fearless updating is three-fold:

  1. Understanding WordPress and your current theme so that it’s possible to fix any problems that may occur.
  2. Knowing you have a back up (or multiple backups) in case of major issues that you can roll back to and try again.
  3. Keeping up with updates so you don’t have multiple versions to override, causing potential larger issues than necessary.

Once you’ve mastered these three points you shouldn’t have a worry in the world when you click that update button. Being comfortable with updating WordPress will give you great peace of mind knowing you’re maintaining one of the most valuable assets to your online business!

What you’ll find in this report:

  • How to Update Your WordPress
  • WordPress Theme: Twenty-Thirteen Theme Review
  • WordPress Feature: Using The Media Players (audio and video)
  • WordPress Feature: Post and Page Revisions

Included Videos

When you order this short and concise report for only $17 (or $8.50 on September 5th ONLY) you’ll also get two videos, included:
1. How to Update WordPress in Your Dashboard
2. How to Use Backup Buddy

I’ll tell you right now that in this report I highly recommend you do a WordPress backup before you do your update. This is important because it’s like ‘insurance’ for the update. The plugin I highly recommend for doing your backups is Backup Buddy and if you want to backup your backups I also recommend Backup Creator. Yes it’s going to cost you a little bit of cash, but it’s worth the peace of mind and security knowing you have a copy of such an important piece of online real estate!

Also here’s a big tip: Be careful what plugins you add to your site. Most issues with updates come from old or incompatible plugins and so if you keep your plugins up to date and use those from reliable companies and developers you’re much more likely to have a successful backup.

Here’s Your WordPress Update Checklist (details on how to do this in the report):

  • Backup Your Site
  • Update Your Plugins
  • Update Your Site
  • Enjoy!


angela2012If you’re new here and you’ve not met me yet, let me introduce myself. I’m Angela Wills. Since 2010 I’ve taught and worked with many hundreds of small business owners to build, update and design WordPress websites.

I LOVE WordPress and I’m passionate about helping making it easier for you to use and enjoy.

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