The “Mother” of all reasons to Work at Home

I like to say I had the “Mother” of all reasons for starting my own business.

It was, basically, to be a stay at home/work at home mom.

I had ZERO idea at the time how much of a challenge that really was. My son was just four months old when I decided I would NOT be returning to work after a year-long maternity leave and I would be growing my own business selling bath and body items including handmade soaps, instead.

My first eCommerce site, Rainkissed, was built that same year. I got my first sales online and I was HOOKED on this thing called online marketing!

I became obsessed with the idea of having complete and total lifestyle freedom so that I could be there with and for my children whenever and however I wanted/they needed.

Over the years I tried MANY businesses and I also ended up back at a JOB from about 2004-2007.

I clearly remember one incident that was a “pivotal moment” for me, a moment where I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was going to figure out a way to be a full-time, successful entrepreneur.

My son was in school and about to have his first Christmas concert. Now in a mom’s eyes that is a DO NOT MISS event in a child’s life. Working the afternoon shift I was scheduled to work and I asked my boss if I could have it off. He said it was up to my co-worker. This co-worker wasn’t the type to just be kind if she didn’t feel like it so my heart SANK as I went off to ask her if she’d work for me. Luckily she said YES but I was NEVER leaving it to luck again, I promised myself.

On May 24th, 2007 I walked away from that job and I NEVER looked back!

THAT is why I’m so passionate about this lifestyle. I worked for it. I tolled for it. I created it and I damn well appreciate it!

YOU can do this Mammas! You are capable, brilliant, useful, resourceful and sure as hell you can earn a great living doing what you love!

I’m here for you, be it in my monthly, awesome-sauce membership, the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club or in the upcoming totally free Telesummit or in whatever other way I can be. I want to help hundreds and then thousands of other moms, women, and anyone live the awesome that is the Laptop Lifestyle.

xo  Angela

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