Why we need “small wins”…

Well, I did something a “little” drastic yesterday, lol! It started as a suggestion from Matt and suddenly what I thought was a joke I was actually considering doing.

And now I have TWO new hair colors! Yep… I’m owning it. Yup!.. I LOVE it. And YES I’ve found something else that lights me up. I just love how email marketing is also a self-development process because I’m freaking taking my own advice and just following my gut lately.

So that’s a BIG move I did. It’s going to get people looking. It’s going to get people calling me “Cruella DeVille” (they already have and I kinda love that, too). And it’s definitely not a small decision.

But you don’t have to do something big like I did to get results in your life AND your business. That’s why “small wins” are so important and that’s why I’m soooo excited about July’s Club Challenge Small Wins, Big Business that starts THIS MONDAY.

The idea behind small wins is that you do a small thing and then you celebrate it. Something that’s EASY to achieve. Something you can do FAST.

We ALL know how overwhelming large tasks can be. The good news is you do not need to do a massive launch, create a huge project or have a team of 50 to have great success online.

You do those small wins, celebrate, activate your confidence and motivation and you keep going! In the meantime each small win builds and builds until you see big business results. I KNOW you can do this and I’d love you to join our club and take this challenge to do something REAL for your business.

How the Challenge Works:

Each day you’ll be guided through an EASY TO COMPLETE action task that will help you grow your business.

The tasks include:
Day 1: Update Your “About Me” Page
Day 2: Create an “Offers to Make” Sheet
Day 3: Contact 5-10 People You Know
Day 4: Contact 3-5 People You Don’t Know
Day 5: PLAN 30-Days of Topics
Day 6: Make a Goal & Break it Down
Day 7: Drink Your Water (yes i said drink your water)
Day 8: Do a Facebook Live (Video OR Audio)
Day 9: Determine Your Social Media Method
Day 10: Plan Your Week

Join us! Get all the details here:

Consider this: What would you life and business be life if you made just a LITTLE BIT of progress each day? Instead of wheel spinning you could be action-taking and making your way to a lifestyle of complete and total freedom.

If that’s worth something to you, then it’s time you check this out for your future laptop lifestyle freedom:

Talk soon,

xo ♥ Angela Wills


p.s. I’m looking for partners or lipstick-loving customers for my side-hustle. If you’d like to know more about how you can be part of the won’t-wear-off-smear-off-kiss-off-swim-off lipstick phenomenon hit me up on facebook with your questions or reply here.

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