Why Network Marketing Gets a Bad Rap & How I Changed My Mind

Years and years ago a friend of a friend invited me over to her house. It seemed odd because I never just get invites like that. She was insistent that I bring my fiance (at the time) and was very persistent about firming up the meeting.
I didn’t know. I thought maybe they were just looking for couple friends…
Well, we sat there chatting a little bit at their kitchen table. There were questions about things like “your dream car”, “where would you live if you could live anywhere” and “where in the world would you love to go”…. all very different.
Then… out came paper, notes and suddenly they were telling us about their “opportunity”. How we could just buy household stuff we buy anyway, tell other people about this amazing opportunity and get all those things we had just told them we wanted.
It was super sneaky.
It felt very tacky.
I could not get out of their house FAST ENOUGH.
It certainly left a BAD, BAD impression of the company they worked for (I’ll let you guess, it starts with “Am”) and the process of “recruiting” as I’d seen it.
Sure I’d been to the home parties and they were bad enough because I had felt obligated to go and buy stuff I maybe didn’t want or need. I didn’t love them but I understood when I decided to go the process was so there was no bitterness over it.
But this was a whole new level of pressure sales. I could see how many people would feel far too uncomfortable to say no, not right now. We just said ok we’re going to go home and think/talk about it and will let you know.
From then on I made it a policy… I was NOT buying from “those companies”. I was NOT going to be pressured or ambushed or made to feel like I had to buy out of obligation.
Yuck. Yucky, yucky way to sell.
It wasn’t until a good few years later… when I found out you could do network marketing on the internet and ATTRACT customers and team members to you, that I took another look at the industry with an open mind.
You have a ready-made product!
You have an entire arsenal of marketing materials!
You have an experienced, established company behind you!
You have a team of “sisters” to learn and grow with!
You have regular conferences for development and growth!
You have massive leverage when you grow a team!
You have bonuses and trips that can be earned!
Wow… was I impressed.
With the business side, yes, but with the thought that I could do this in a very ethical, honest and non-pressure way. I would NEVER want to ambush people for any amount of money, like was done to my ex and I… it was just not cool.
So I’ve been on and off with a few network marketing companies over the years. Products I fell in love with and companies I wanted to check out. I wasn’t really shopping for them because I do have the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club, after all, where I love helping people create total lifestyle freedom.
But I’ve always had a heart for network marketing (aka direct sales or MLM) after I opened it up to the possibility with that first company back around 2005…
And this year I found “the one”.
The company with a product that LIT ME UP.
The company with a sisterhood that is like NOTHING ELSE.
The company with a history that is very IMPRESSIVE & INSPIRED.
The company with a “wow product” that gets repeat sales LIKE I’VE NOT SEEN IN MY 15 YEARS IN BUSINESS!
The company is SeneGence and the product I fell in love with is LipSense. YES… that lip colour you’ve seen all your friends posting about.
Never in a million years did I think I’d be a lipstick or makeup distributor.
I realized today that the most I’ve EVER spent on foundation is about $20. I’ll be fixing that when I use my party profits to buy myself the line of face makeup to create a flawless look I believe I can achieve even with my scarred and damaged skin.
Yep… because I had the deep seeded filter that makeup is “self indulgent” and “conceited”…. Oh goodness how wrong I was!
I now see makeup as a way to enjoy self-care and revel in taking good care of me! I see it like I’d see someone decorating their home and adding colour to it. Like someone would see picking out great clothes to look good in. Nothing wrong with it all, of course!
But me, selling lipstick? Still kinda can’t believe it but as I said I LOVE the product, LOVE the company and LOVE the SeneSisterhood!
I’m super passionate about this and I’m looking to build a team of equally passionate people.
Sure I could ask you your dream car, where you want to take exotic vacations and how big you want your home to be but all I’m going to say is this industry is a REAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY and it has many advantages over starting from scratch all on your own.
I’m VERY PROUD to be a network marketer and I’d be happy to share the product and the opportunity with you so you can see what an amazing way of business it is as well.
Just hit me up and we’ll talk. Comment, fill in my contact form here or email me at angela@angelawills.com, whatever works!
👄💄<3 Angela Wills

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