Why do we get distracted? [Warning: Deep, Heavy]

So… I’m doing the 30-Day Distraction Challenge again and if you’ve been reading my stuff recently you’ve probably heard that.

What I’ve always been fascinated with is why people do the things they do. I was one of those kids who came home after school to sit and watch every. single. episode of Oprah. Then, yes I’m gonna admit, Jerry Springer. Then, later on as Oprah moved on to other things I watched Dr. Phil.

People called it garbage TV and yes Jerry went wayyy way downhill but in the beginning, he was actually trying to help people and I like his “thought of the day” or whatever it was called at the end.

Each of those shows studied behavior.

And if there’s one thing I learned from the hours upon hours I spent watching those shows, it’s that when you choose the behaviour, you choose the consequences.

The natural consequence of distraction is NOT ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS.

I’m NOT Ok with that. Are you?

I’m distracted lately. A lot. By Facebook, Netflix, Email… those are my big ones.

And I have to ask myself WHY. Why am I distracted so often and so badly.

I’ve come up with some answers that are specific to me. They won’t be a one size fits all for everyone, but maybe you can relate to some:

  • It’s a habit and an addiction. I was reading an article on Psychology Today about being addicted to our smartphones and the thing is we get a rush from the immediate feedback that actual wires our brain to seek out that buzz anytime we feel bored, lonely or just still. I know this! I’m in the habit to check my phone FAR TOO OFTEN. I’m looking for that buzz from the little feedback you get from a like, a comment or a message, etc. It’s time to kick this I know I need to and I’m enlisting my own challenge to do so!
  • It’s a way to avoid success. Yes. Avoid Success. For me personally, I’m discovering I still have plenty of work to do on my self-confidence and in believing I deserve the things I want for myself. And so anytime I start to get closer to breaking the barrier of where I’m at, an easy way to bring myself “down a peg” is to get distracted and to not have time to do the things that will really get me the results.
  • I have set my “income thermostat” too low. I’ve seen this happen over and over in my own business. I have a set “income thermostat” that is tough to budge. When I first quit my job I had it set at a very low income… I just wanted to replace my factory income of about $3000 per month. I did that and then I stayed there, with my “income thermostat” keeping me just at the income level I subconsciously didn’t think I could go beyond. Again, easy way to avoid the income increase was to just do way too much freaking “busy work” until I was out of time to do the good stuff, the stuff that gets results.
  • It’s a break and a social connection. This reason for distraction is actually one that could be very valid, if used properly. I’m not against ANY of the things that distract me. I love Facebook and use it for business and personal. I approve of Netflix and it’s great when used in appropriate amounts, lol. I, of course, see email as being an essential part of my business. But sometimes I’m just needing a break. Even if my calendar says I should work my ass off today, maybe my mind says I just need a rest. Sometimes that’s simply OK, as long as it’s not a habit or a cover for other issues like the ones I’ve mentioned.

Like I mentioned in the title of this message some of this is HEAVY stuff.

Digging deep into your own emotions and feelings and issues is not always easy but the rewards can blow your mind.

I am ready to blow your mind with my challenge.

It’s simple yet so very powerful.
It’s a little daily task yet so very essential to your growth and mindset.

You’re not going to be asked to DO a ton of stuff, like other challenges. Instead you’ll be asked to NOT DO stuff. It’s really like the anti-challenge. I’m asking you to stop doing the things that don’t serve you and you know there are lots of them so you can make room for the things that can really, truly change your life.

This is deep. It’s big. And best of all it’s totally free.

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