How to Know When You’re Ready to Hire a Coach

I sent out an email yesterday about my new coaching offer and I got a good deal of clicks but no sign ups.

So I figure people must be interested, but hesitating. With that in mind I thought it would be a good time to write about a few of the ways you can tell if you’re ready to hire a coach. Here they are:

How to Know You’re Ready to Hire a Coach:

1. You are Coachable. Ok, obvious one here but let’s think about this. Are you open to really being guided by someone else? There’s a stage of personal development where you have little to no ego about someone else giving you advice. You need to “put on your big girl pants” as my coach says and be willing to hear some things you may not like. For example if your coach sees you’ve done something that’s a pretty big “no no” they’re going to tell you. And while a coach is most certainly supportive and encouraging you can’t come back and say that they’re “picking on you” or any such other type response. You’ve got to be willing to hear things you don’t like and take actions you might not have though of.

2. You’ve Researched Your Coach. If you don’t know me you shouldn’t hire me. By know I mean you’ve read enough of my emails, you know enough of my values and you’ve heard enough to know I’m the right coach for you. Not every coach fits every person and you need to research to see if the person you are considering hiring is actually doing what you want to be doing and is legit and is someone you’re going to get along great with!

3. You Know YOU Are Responsible For Your Success. I know, weird right? One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking a coach will get them from A to Z, or even A to B. A coach isn’t there to DO anything for you and they are not going to change you. The work is all on you. If you don’t already realize that, then you need to really reconsider if you’re ready for coaching. I have two coaches and I put no responsibility for my success on them. I give them tons of CREDIT for being invaluable to me in terms of insight, advice, guidance and value but they are not the people responsible for my actions. I am in charge. I am the leader of my business. They are my support and that works amazingly well.

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If you’re still unsure I’m so honored to share what one of my long-term coaching clients, Tammy Lorette, had to say about my coaching services with her:

“So, more on what we were chatting about today – this is what I am working on….

I am still working on my building my list
I am working on building my Facebook page and my Facebook group
I am working on product to sell and to give away
I am going to be using PLR to start until my creative juices start flowing more
I am also feeling a lot more organized and focused in my business
I am also really loving my business lately

And I want you to know that I really do credit this to YOU!!

I am now using WordPress thanks to you
I am now promoting or pushing more in my pages and groups thanks to you
I am now starting to blog thanks to you
I am using AMember thanks to you
I entered my first affiliate contest thanks to you
I am using so many other programs that I was never using thanks to you

I have grown so much in the past year and I am very thankful to you!”

Tammy Lorette,

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Talk soon,









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