What if I could clone myself? re: Funnels & Automation

How many times have you WISHED you could clone yourself?

Me… 5 billion times. OK, I’m clearly exaggerating but the amount of times I’ve been frustrated that I couldn’t get MORE DONE and make more money from those efforts has been no small amount.

I made a BIG mistake and kept making it for many years because instead of WISHING I could clone myself… I literally COULD have been cloning myself.

My eyes have been opened to how much automation, and particularly funnels, can grow my business.

My biggest strength in my business is my love of connection with people and being PART of the process of helping. I WANT to get your emails, I want to be involved, I WANT to be in my community. And there’s only one me! Automating, it felt like cheating to me. It felt like I was removing that personalization that I’m so known for, that “natural email marketer” I’ve become.

But I realized that automation doesn’t REMOVE me, It CLONES me!

Well holy cow that’s powerful. That’s so powerful I’ve actually gotten a lot quieter in my emails of late because I’ve been working on my automation, on my Funnels.

Don’t expect me to be overly quiet for all that long, though, because I ALWAYS love to share what I learn and my RESULTS with you. Of course the juiciest of details and most of my time goes to my club members but I always give my subscribers and readers as much of the time and value I can so that even if you haven’t paid to be part of the full experience, yet, you’ll have so much take away action you can go get results! I WANT you to succeed no matter what and we both know you can do that, my community is an extra push for faster results and it’s there for you whenever you are ready.

And so I’m inviting you to come along with me. To realize YOU can clone yourself, too. YOU can stay fully engaged with your business, your people, your community, if that’s what you love, and STILL add more and more profit to your bottom line.

Here’s how:

1. WATCH this video where I talk with Cindy Bidar about Funnels << My “aha” moment about cloning myself and how automation is not cheating is mentioned there, too. If you want to know how the big businesses (six figures and MUCH beyond) do what they do, listen to Cindy. She knows, she’s worked for some of the most awesome businesses and flown around the world (literally) working with her clients. Now she’s teaching what she knows and THAT is something you really can’t find too often << take note, listen to Cindy. You really should!

2. Get my FREE Funnel Checklist here.

3. Join the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and get my full Beginner Funnel Action Plan. We’re working through the action plan and creating funnels all June in the club. Right now you could start cloning yourself in our club. Imagine what your business could look like if you have little copies of you leading people into your business anytime of day or night… that’s the power of funnels!

When I was at the beach masterminding with some awesome friends in March the power of funnels really hit me. On the way home on the plane I wrote out this little chart. The $83,000 is the amount I made approximately with ONE STRAIGHT LINE into my business … my daily broadcast messages. Then, the bottom of the graphic is what I estimated I could make with dozens and dozens of lines into my business (it says $280,000), all working 24/7 to serve my market, clone me and earn more, faster. Who wouldn’t want that?!

So you can see I added some arrows and the “Main Offer” text. Each smaller line on the bigger lines represents an email I would send to my list. On the top list that’s me sending an email each day. On the bottom you can see how much more could be done, with the same length of line (ie. the same amount of time). This made me go “Uh Oh! I need to do this NOW!”… it was just so clear that it was so ridiculous not to do it.

So there you have my idea of cloning myself. I think you’ll agree it can be pretty powerful for me but more importantly, for YOU!

I recommend you get started on this ASAP, right after you make your daily money for today (and every day) so that you have that immediate money flowing in (active income) and the later money in the works (passive and recurring stuff we love so much).

Talk soon!

Angela Wills,

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