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giveaway-list-buildingParticipating in events with other smart marketers is one of my absolute favorite ways to grow my email list. Growing my email list helps me earn my living online. I want to teach YOU how to do it and add a whole lot of new people into your marketing funnel in a great big hurry.

Don’t discount this technique as ‘too hard’, ‘too salesy’ or ‘too much time to do’! It’s worth you taking a moment or two to check out this report and see what you can put together. Then, when the opportunity arrises for you to participate in an event, you’ll know just what to do!

Jen read my report and then when someone emailed her about an event she jumped right in, added a bunch of people to her list and grew her earning potential. Here’s what she had to say about this report:

Jennifer1_smThanks to Angela’s thorough and easy-to-follow report, Building Your List With Giveaway Events, I have more than tripled my mailing list!  I had recently purchased and studied the report so when I was invited to participate in a giveaway event I had the confidence to say ‘yes’ right away and know I was doing all the right things to make it a success.  Not only has it helped me grow my own business, I am using this strategy with a client as well.

Jennifer Hazlett, Business Support Specialist,
Alternate Admin http://www.altadmin.ca/

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