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Hi there from Angela Wills, owner and founder of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.

INTRODUCING: Website Wealth, a Coaching Program

What it is:
Four weeks of dedicated action towards multiplying your website profits!

Your website is up, you're making some money but you KNOW you could be doing more. You know your website could be working to get you more leads, customers and raving fans. It's time to get that on the go!

Join now and get your daily lessons and homework so there's no deep thinking involved, just smart website wealth-making actions. 

Here’s what you can expect from this program and the four weeks we’ll be spending together focused on your website results! …

Module 1: Leverage Your Website's Tools

Your website does NOT come pre-loaded with any money-making promises. It's up to you to figure out and use what's included to serve your people and build your business.

In this module we'll be focusing on using some incredible website tools that help you do things smarter and faster.

Be prepared for one or two "aha" moments as you rediscover the tools at your fingertips! 

In this module we'll cover:

  • The pages you need to EFFECTIVELY sell from your website. 
  • The simple tool that will help you MAKE MONEY ON VACATION so you don't always have to be present to make money. 
  • The most OVERLOOKED feature to help you leverage your most engaged website readers. 
  • The easiest way to make sure you don't MISS OUT on a lot of visitors who WANT TO BUY from you.

Module 2: Leverage Your Website's Content

Your content is your connection... but is it REALLY making that connection right now? Are you REALLY showing them your best and capturing their elusive attention? 

Even if you are, let's solidify those connections in this module. Let's create you some RAVING fans who want everything you have to offer because they know how awesome-possum you are. Ok? 

In this module you're going to learn that great content is WAY more than a good blog post and you're going to MASTER leveraging your content to grow your business. 

In this module, we'll cover:

  • How to make your content GO FURTHER than it ever has, reaching MAXIMUM people.
  • The easy method to creating content to HELP the PEOPLE who need what you've got FIND YOU. 
  • The technique you're either not using or not using enough to LEVERAGE content profits. 
  • How to use your content to BUILD YOUR EMAIL LIST in less than obvious ways ;). 

Module 3: Leverage Your Website's Traffic

When people take a moment to come to your website you have an opportunity, a SHORT opportunity, to make that connection and tell them why they should stay and get to know you better.

In this module we're going to talk about making sure you get the most out of every single web visitor and you help them discover just what awesomeness you have for them!

In this module, we'll cover: 

  • Understanding your statistics and using them to YOUR ADVANTAGE. 
  • How to MONEY-UP your most popular pages, to make sure that traffic doesn't just show up and disappear again.
  • How to leverage your traffic by inviting them to spend more time with you. 
  • How to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with your traffic so they get to know, like and trust you!

Module 4: Leverage Your Sales

The biggest mistake we can make is thinking the sale is the end of the work and then neglecting the customer after that. 

It is so much easier to MULTIPLY YOUR PROFITS when you serve those who've already paid you then it is to find new customers willing to invest in you. While you should be doing both, offering strong attention to your paying peeps is good business! 

In this module, we'll cover: 

  • How a simple thank you can MAKE YOU MONEY. 
  • How to turn one sale into THREE.
  • How MAKE SURE YOU DON'T LOSE sales and customers.
  • Why you should get your own CUSTOMERS to SELL for you. 

Here's a fun fact about me: I built my first website in 1999, just because!

Yep I got myself a free account on Geocities, grabbed the sheet of HTML code a friend gave me and put up my first page on the 'net.  It was to show off the handmade beaded jewelry I made at the time. 

Fast forward oh, say, 18 YEARS (yikes time flies) and I've discovered a few things about how to make money with websites.

YOU deserve a great website that showcases your business and you need to do more than just install WordPress to make that happen (no matter what those build a website FAST videos tell you)! 

It’s time you built a website that give you true leverage in a busy market. 
A website that makes you stand out.
A website that makes your readers want to learn more.
A website that makes you money!

If you don’t know me yet, I’m Angela Wills and I’ve been running my business online full-time as my sole source of income since I quit my job forever in 2007! I LOVE living and teaching others how to create a true Laptop Lifestyle using nothing but their awesome talents and the internet. And I also love the internet and marketing online... it's how I get to live the life I love and be a major provider in my family. 

I’m not new to this. I have lots of PROVEN results. I've built and sold dozens of websites for thousands of dollars each. I've created my own successful businesses that have made me high five figure yearly income year after year (and I am fast approaching that sexy six-figure mark, too). I know what I'm doing and I can't wait to share it with you!

Angela Wills

Let's Recap: Who This Course is For...

This course is for you if you:

  • Have your own website and business already and want to MULTIPLY your profits. 
  • Know you could be doing to SERVE YOUR PEOPLE through your website to create more passive sales.
  • Want to use your existing content to create LEVERAGE and more results.
  • Are ready to serve your current customers for MAXIMUM results and increased income. 

Now comes decision time! You’ve heard what the course is about and it’s time to decide if you’ll jump on board or say no to the incredible opportunity to focus on your own website wealth. I hope you’ll decide YES. I can’t wait to share my tips, advice and best secrets with you. I can only do that if you click the buy button and join us now (you’ll get immediate access to the facebook group so we can all get to know each other).

Hope to see you soon!

Angela Wills

Join Now & Create Your Website Wealth!

​What could a month of dedicated focus do for your website? If you're ready to find out it's time to sign up and get started!

Here's what you get when you sign up:

  • Regular emails (13 total) covering all four modules so you can absorb the training in bite sized chunks.
  • Regular doable website wealth assignments to make it EASY to complete this program.
  • Personal feedback, coaching and support from Angela Wills in the private group throughout the program.
  • Website Wealth workshop recording giving you training and time to work on your website wealth. 

One Time Payment of $297

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If you have any questions feel free to email me directly at or instant message me on Facebook.

Previous Clients Have Said...

Mary Castro

Hi Angela! Wow, I am truly privileged to be a part of your amazing group. You are a great teacher!I spent $300 one time and it was a waste. So I was really apprehensive but in great need to learn this business.You really seem to care about your business and us!

I’ve been a fan and customer of Angela’s for a long time. She has helped me with planning for my business and many technical issues. I highly recommend Angela, without her guidance I would still be stuck and struggling trying to figure it all out.

Samantha Angel
Tammy L.Lorette

I am now using WordPress thanks to you. I am now promoting or pushing more in my pages and groups thanks to you. I am now starting to blog thanks to you. I entered my first affiliate contest thanks to you. I am using so many other programs that I was never using thanks to you. I have grown so much in the past year and I am very thankful to you!

You've made it all the way to the bottom of the page... I gotta believe that means you're more than ready to ROCK your website and you want the support, encouragement and training that goes along with this program. You know it's time to invest in your success and you're ready to take that step. I couldn't be more excited to work with you and watch your make things happen!

Just click the button below to get signed up now. 

Talk soon,