How to Make a Website Header Graphic

Learn to Create an Awesome Website Header!

In this four-day mini-course you’ll learn how to use Gimp, Stock Graphics and cool Fonts to create website headers for yourself and your clients. You’ll be encouraged to create your own style while using proven techniques to make your designs look professional.

Here’s the mini-course agenda:

Day 1 – Download GIMP and PLAN your header.
Day 2 – Gather your graphics, brushes and fonts.
Day 3 – Creating your header graphic… Techniques demonstrated include: Remove photo backgrounds, Make clickable social media icons, Font effects and more.
Day 4 – Finishing touches and uploading to WordPress.

Here’s an example of video of just the kind of training you’ll get linked to in your once a day training document email download (pdf):

Upon completion of this course, you’ll have access to the techniques required to complete headers like the ones below that I’ve done for clients:


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