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On March 16th we start a run of Website Design Mojo. In additional to all the training, resources and coaching you ALREADY get, for those who sign up from this webinar you will receive additional training on how to design websites for clients.

You’ll get four training modules and videos on the following (this is from another training program people have paid $297 for):

Module 1: Setting Up Shop
Module 2: Master Theme Customization
Module 3: Attract Amazing Clients
Module 4: Long-Term Service and Passive Profits

Sign up before March 9th at midnight to receive this bonus! Sign up now to make sure you get your spot in this program.
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p.s. My WordPress websites coaching program has been running successfully since 2010, I’ve helped hundreds of people build websites in WordPress and I know you can do it too! What would your life be like if you had the ability to create a new business or sell a new product whenever you wanted (or needed) to? It’s a life-affecting skill worth investing in and the investment is so friggin small compared to the reward you can create with it! Sign up now and help yourself create the business lifestyle you’re after.