VIP Club Members Get Insider's Reports, a Monthly Mission Program, Weekly Accountability Webinars, an Active Online Community & a Direct Line to Creating True Business Freedom! 

 You're dedicated to building a true lifestyle business. A business that gives you complete time-freedom whenever and where ever you want it. 

You know that business isn't built in a bubble. You know that true relationships and connections are what make your business grow.

Your business is growing! ​You've got things moving and happening and now you are ready to take it to a whole new level. 

If any of the above sounds like you, you just might be a perfect fit for the VIP Club Membership!

There are three major components to the VIP Level. They are the monthly coaching program, the monthly insider report and the accountability & action taking community. You get them ALL as part of your membership. No need to buy three memberships when you can join all with this one. 

Here's What You Get When You Join, And Every Month:

1.Insider's Report Your Insider Report is Delivered on the 15th of Each Month. Look INSIDE My Successful Business & Learn What It's REALLY Like to Run an Online Business.

Report of the Month: Website Makeover Case Study

What do you do when your website suddenly stops working?

A website makeover, of course! I had no choice but to act quickly to get a new theme setup on my site. It left quite a mess and I had to move fast to clean things up, set up new processes and improve everything overall.

In this month's Insider Report I'll be sharing the reason why I picked my new theme, the new email software I'm using (and why), the new pages I created, the new branding I'm working on and more.

I'll be talking about my themes features and why theme choice is important, and what to look for while you build your Laptop Lifestyle. 

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2.Accountability & Action You will be part of our COMMUNITY of Accountability & Action Takers! For Dreamers Who Are DOERS!

We are dreamers AND doers.

Someone once told me I had my head in the clouds when I was dreaming of starting and running a profitable business from home, in my pj's (if I want), from the couch (if I want) and completely on MY OWN TERMS. 

Well I did it, it's done and now I'm completely committed to building up my peers who want to do the same and helping them dream, do, reach and pull down those stars to shine bright upon them. Seriously don't dream small. 

We meet weekly via webinar for Accountability & ACTION. We talk on the daily in our online community. We grow together. We support each other.

You'll love being part of a real online community of people focused on total business & lifestyle freedom!  Come chase the stars with us here.

3.Mission of the Month Your Mission of the Month takes place with a live training webinar, q&a webinar, daily lessons, daily assignments and a supportive online group. This is a $297 Value every month, included!
Every Month the mission is focused on a topic to create more business & lifestyle FREEDOM!

Topic of the Month: Website Wealth

Your website does NOT come pre-loaded with any money-making promises. It's up to you to figure out and use what's included to serve your people and build your business.

In this month's training we will cover four ways you can make your website sell, creating more time-freedom in your business and in your life!

In this four-module training program you will learn to LEVERAGE what you've got to see more profits with your website, fast.

We'll talk about the tools that you may not be using effectively, the content you can make go much, much further, the traffic that you can direct to greater profits and the sales you can multiply with a few simple tweaks.

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