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websitedesignmojoHi you! Thanks so much for registering again for the Website Design Mojo training course!

As a lifetime customer I’m so thankful you feel you have more value to gain from this course and I can’t wait to see what you’re working on.

A few things to note:

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  3. I’d like to offer you a very special, private bonus as a thank-you for being a valued client. My membership group, Mojo Study Group, is where I share monthly business inspiration, action guides and info on growing your business. The facebook group is a growing resource with a very awesome little community. I’d LOVE to have you be part of the community and if you’re serious about building a business you should not do it in isolation! SO… come sample the group for only $1 and then I hope you’ll stay on monthly for just $17 per month.
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Again thanks so much and I dare you to LIVE the reality they tell you can’t be done.