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There was a time when I was stressed out, overworked, burned out and just plain FRUSTRATED with the business I had crated. I had created an actual monster instead of the dream life I had wanted.

​In 2007 I quit my job to work from home full-time, as my sole source of income. When I didn't realize at the time was if you don't set solid intentions around your lifestyle it can all go very bad, very fast.

I took on the wrong clients.
I had people expecting things from me at all hours.
I had people who didn't respect me and one client relationship gone so wrong she called me names!

No, that wasn't the lifestyle I wanted AT ALL... So I set to doing something about it!

I set to creating myself a Laptop Lifestyle. And I did. I built a business that works completely around my life! Like the time I broke my ankle and had to work from the couch for three months... no problem. Or the time when I had a baby and my business was running, even while I was super pre-occupied with being a mom to a newborn and a pre-teen. 

Introducing the "Because Life Can't Wait" 7-Step Action Plan!

I created this program to help you get to YOUR Laptop Lifestyle. The place where your business brings you complete joy because you do what you want, when you want and how you want. It's an incredible feeling and I want it for every single person, including you! 

Listen... you might not know me. So instead of making this a tough call while you try to decide if it's worth the investment I'm going to make it super easy.

I recorded this 7-Step plan in a presentation, created a 7-DAY Action Plan, gave you some Life & Business tracking sheets and some resources and plopped a price tag of only $7 on the entire thing.

That's it! ​$7 and you could be on an entirely different path creating an entirely new (and 100% AWESOME) lifestyle!

Click the order button below to get signed up now! ​ Hurry and grab it now before I up the price to $47. 

Know this: Your life isn't going to wait and THAT is the reason you should get started now, not the reason to delay.