About: The TRAP of “doing what you love”…

I’ve been in business a LONG time now. I started my first business in 2004.

I haven’t broken six figures YET and I think I know exactly why…

It’s the trap of the advice to “just do what you love”.

You see at first I totally was into the whole idea of making EASY money, getting rich, building a fortune. I had no freaking IDEA what I was doing but I LOVED making handmade soaps and I thought that that love, combined with tons of hard work was just going to get me to the point of selling millions.

But I gave up on that business.

And the next one.

And the next one.

All because they didn’t work after I “loved them” so hard…


Love is not enough.

I know that now. That’s why even when I thought I might be “falling out of love” with my current business, I kept going.

That’s why even when I thought I might be “falling out of love” with my current business, I kept going.

And you know what? There are LOTS of moments in a business owners career that they question what they’re doing, they wonder if it’s right for them, they even think it might be a hell of a lot easier life if they just went and got a job.

And that might be true because a job you go to at set hours, come home and don’t have to worry about afterwards for the most part.

But a business… we business owners THINK, a lot.

We’re thinking about how to make money.
We’re thinking about how to market our business.
We’re thinking about our customers.
We’re thinking about our products.
We’re thinking about how to make things better.
We’re thinking about our branding.

And on and on and on!

You better love that shit, right?

Well… YES… of course BUT love isn’t what you think.

Loving your business is not about loving every single possible task you can do.
Loving your business is not about loving every single DAY in every single WAY.
Loving your business is not about never having to struggle with a techy problem.

You see I think that’s the BIG mistake I and many others are making.

We think we have to love every possible thing about our businesses.
We think if it isn’t working then it’s because we haven’t picked the “right thing” and we have to move on to something else.

Loving your business is about making strategic choices to grow.
Loving your business is about building a team so you can do more and help more people.
Loving your business is about using the leverage of tools and resources.
Loving your business is about learning smart marketing techniques.

It’s not about the “feeling” all the time. The “thinking” is REALLY important and you can’t be so freaking caught up in a “vision” that you’re not willing to consider different ideas, possibilities and to get CREATIVE.

And really… is it about how the handmade soap is packaged, how the website branding looks, how the course is set up to download, etc, etc, etc OR IS IT ABOUT THE LIFESTYLE YOU CAN CREATE, THE REWARDS YOU CAN GET AND THE JOY YOU CAN FEEL FROM SERVING OTHERS?

If those things are your love, the rest is just details!

No don’t get me wrong here… there’s a difference between loving your business and having a struggle or two inside of that love and running a business you really dislike. If you literally picked the “wrong business” you should know pretty soon after you pick it.

Me I LOVED my businesses. I built many of them up pretty well and gave up on them. I see that now! I see that they needed more strategy, more innovation, more HELP and they could have broken through to another level.

Six figures in a year?

I felt my HEART SINK when a friend of mine who started at the very same time as me told me she made six figures in a month. Not because I was jealous, but because I was wondering what the HELL I am not doing to get there myself, or even to get to a consistent $10 – 20,000 per month.

My friend told me one of the biggest differences she sees is my not building a team, where she has a LOT of people working for her.

My not picking a team is just me holding onto this idea of my having to build something I “LOVE”, something that’s all “MINE” and not letting other people in for fear that they’d make it something I can’t control.

It’s dumb. It’s silly. AND it’s been holding me back in so many ways.

The building a team is a symptom of the greater issue that I’ve mentioned already. The TRAP OF LOVING YOUR BUSINESS.

I want to FEEL JOY from my business – and I do!
I want to CREATE JOY from my business – and I do!
I want to HAVE AN AMAZING LIFESTYLE from my business – and I do!
I want to HELP OTHERS CREATE JOY from THEIR businesses – and I do!

THOSE are the things I love! The rest… just the details. The team… the means. The tools & resources… the leverage.

That’s why after years of resisting the idea of selling PLR I just EMBRACED IT!

On the suggestion of my smart and savvy coaches Kelly McCausey & Nicole Dean I made a fairly quiet but MAJOR change in my business by offering PLR rights to every single challenge I release from now forward in my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club membership.

This is a big change for me and it’s a BIG SHIFT in the “gotta do what I love” mindset. You see I had convinced myself that I didn’t want to and wouldn’t love selling PLR. Now I realize how SILLY that was! Now I realize it is again a way for me to feel joy, create joy, build my lifestyle and help others do the same and that is exactly what I’m after.

The monthly PLR is FREE for my members, just included in the membership now and I am getting such awesome feedback from my members about it! They are soooo happy and I know they will do awesome things with this content that they can now use and sell as their own.

I have a big vision for this business and it’s going to need a team. As a smart family member said to me yesterday that is just total common sense yet so profound to me: “Five people can do more than one.” … well… DUH to me! Why I have been resisting this piece of my business I don’t know but you can expect to hear me saying “my team” a lot more in the near future.

But for now *I* have uploaded the latest PLR to the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club customer area. It’s ready for download and it’s something you can use in YOUR business, to grow YOUR JOY and FREEDOM and that of your customers and clients!

So my final advice is this (based on my learning from the school of hard knocks):

Stop being so freaking TIED to this idea of your business you have in your head that you become BLIND to the things that will skyrocket your results and turn your “little” business you love into a BIG business that is thriving! Stop sabotaging yourself on the “principal” of things you thought you didn’t like (but really are just resistant to for some silly reason)!
Stop being afraid to get people who are AMAZING and GREAT to help you and help you a lot, like right side by side with you so that you can GROW to heights you could never possibly reach alone!

Stop all that and grow your business into an empire that you DO LOVE so much because you let it go, you let it grow and you let it thrive in a way that serves so much harder and deeper than you ever imagined.

Big hugs,

Talk soon,

xo ♥ Angela Wills


p.s. As I mentioned above, if you join the club now you will get private label rights to the monthly membership challenges.

That means you can edit them and sell them as your own or even use them as-is. You will get the challenge action plan, daily videos & transcripts, video webinar you can use or use to create content from and graphics for the challenge. If you sign up today you will get July AND August’s challenge PLR before you even renew your membership next month (August’s PLR will be released on the 14th of the month).

Grab it here, people are loving this and I’ve been welcoming many new members this last few days!

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