This is not the “easy” choice…

I went to a get-together yesterday with friends at their house. And I got to talking with the hostesses, who I know and have met many times but had never asked her what she does.

She’s a graphic designer. For a good company. With a good job. Her and hubby seem to do very well. She has two small children.

And through our conversation, she said to me… “Some people ask me why I don’t start my own business and freelance. And I tell them because I just want to do my work and go home. If I did freelancing I’d be the person doing the accounting, the marketing, the dealing with clients. I don’t want any of that. Running a business is hard. And it’s distracting working at home. Plus I’d also miss the opportunities to collaborate with others and be around people.”

Wow. And as she said these things I was shaking my head… shaking it YES.

Her summary of it was “it’s not for everyone”.

And she’s so right.

And I think back to the days when I decided to be an entrepreneur. Would I decide to do it again if I knew that this was not the “EASY” path.

I’d say it’s not necessarily the hardest path, but it’s also not the “easy way out”.

Would I pick it again? YES.

Because it’s also hard working in a job when you want to have total freedom.
It’s also hard working long days, picking up kids from daycare and trying to get dinner on the table.
It’s also hard spending your weekends cleaning the house and doing the shopping because you have no time during the week.
It’s also hard going to a job you hate to work with people who don’t get you.

If you’re one of those people who LOVE what they do and have a great job, then this probably isn’t you. Because having a job you love make the other inconveniences worthwhile. And I think there are some lucky few who really found something they loved in a job and they are just happy. That’s the key… where’s the happy?

For me it’s not in a job. Didn’t find that. Couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do and didn’t have a job ever that I actually enjoyed going to.

So I knew entrepreneurship was for me because it makes me sooo happy!

Would I pick it again? YES

Because the hard of it is worth the happy of it.
The joys of having a client tell me something I taught changed their direction.
The joys of having the freedom to do what I want every day.
The joys of being able to help people help other people.
The joys of teaching my kids to follow what you’re passionate about and seeing that showing up in my son.

Those things make the hard worth it.

I’m not here to tell you this business is a breeze. That’s not the truth. You won’t find that here.

The determination you need to be a success in this business better run DAMN DEEP. If you’re wishy washy or half-hearting it right now I encourage you to DIG… DIG with all you’ve got if you want to make this work.

And if you say any of these things… cut them out right now:

What’s the easiest way?
Is this easy?
I just want the step by step to this.

That thinking will get you nowhere fast. Because if you’ve decided it has to be easy, you’ll stop when it’s not. Instead… EXPECT HARD… BE READY FOR HARD… BE A BADASS WHO CAN TAKE THE HARD DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY AND NOT FALTER…

Then… when and if it’s easy.. BONUS. If not you’re not going to be knocked off your path. You’re going to KILL IT.

You’ve got this.  But this is not the “EASY” choice…

Now that that’s settled. Join me here (code: fbclub) 😉

Angela Wills

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