How I Worked Thirty Minutes Per Week & Still Made Money


I do not, can not and will not recommend you try to build a business with only thirty minutes per week. This blog post is NOT about that. It’s about an extreme situation where I was able to work very little and still earn an income from a business I had put my blood, sweat and tears into previously.

Really it’s about building a Laptop Lifestyle!

So here’s the deal:

In 2014 I had a baby girl. I already had an eleven-year-old boy so I thought I knew what was coming. I thought I was prepared. I thought I could work about 10-20 hours per week or maybe even a little more, while raising a baby.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy… was I WRONG.

I remember eating my words after a friend had asked during my pregnancy “HOW are you going to work on your business AND raise a baby?”

I told her no problem! I got this! This is happening!

But that baby girl Ella arrived and she was a typical baby. She needed ALL my attention. Apparently, I had forgotten how time-consuming it was to have a baby. But also I was attempting to breast feed which took up oodles more time than bottle feeding (I had done with my first) and then when the breast-feeding didn’t take I ended up pumping which took even more time because I had to have time pumping AND time feeding.

For a few weeks I had LITERALLY 30 MINUTES to work on my business.

Not a lot of time.

But thank goodness I had prepared for shortened time. I wasn’t completely out of touch with reality there. I knew that in order to have time with my little one I had to have some things in place. And here is what they were:

  1. I created a system. I knew this time was coming and I knew that I’d need a list of things to just get done as soon as I jumped on the computer. My system was precise and it consisted of the thing that was making me regular money… affiliate marketing and my membership.
  2. I had a team of two awesome Virtual Assistants. They were helping me with everything from answering emails, to editing my monthly membership content, to putting up salespages for me.
  3. I use pre-written, quality content (PLR). For at least a year following my daughter’s birth I used high-quality content that I did not write. It allowed me to serve my members and get them the content they needed to move their businesses ahead, without taking up my time to write when I just didn’t have it.

These days I write all my own content for the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club, but I still use pre-written content in many other ways:

  • My Free Digital Vision Board Workshop started as PLR for a physical digital board that I edited and added a live version to.
  • I’ve used PLR to create and customize free and paid challenges.
  • I’ve used PLR as the basis for Coaching Programs, like a now retired WordPress program that I customized for my business and added my own tutorial videos to.

I see this kind of content as extremely useful!

That’s why I sell it myself! Every month the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club gets an original challenge that I write entirely myself. After the challenge is completed I give my members PLR rights to those products. If you are a member of the club and you didn’t know that – surprise! If you’re not a member you can join right here.

I also sell the challenge rights to non-members for $47 each. Every six months or so I will be retiring the previous business challenges. Right now you can grab SIX CHALLENGES for about the regular price of TWO. Get them here.

Look, again, to be clear you CAN NOT build a long-term sustainable business on 30 minutes per week.

And honestly I was SHOCKED my income didn’t plummit on that amount of time. There were weeks I got in five hours, some I got in almost none but I know for certain that had I not had that pre-written content ready to go I could never have delivered on my members and would probably have had to shut it down or risk my reputation. PLR content saved my butt.

I highly recommend you use it in your business as a tool, a backup and a resource to provide top-quality to your people.









Angela Wills

p.s. A short while ago I opened up a pretty fantastic offer to coach with me personally for a full year. Just FYI do not buy any previous challenges here if you are considering that offer because they will all be included in your coaching as a bonus, no extra charge! You can see all the details of the coaching in an email I sent out here.

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