The WOW Factor…

You probably know by now I’m a distributor for LipSense, a long-lasting, won’t come off lipstick that is a complete WOW factor product.

I mean… I was WOWed for sure.

I heard about it and thought it was amazing and that it solves a problem women have had since I’ve ever KNOWN about lipstick. That’s pretty amazing.

And it got me thinking about my OTHER business. The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and how I have really neglected to give you a good idea of the WOW factor included and to bring it up often.

I mean when I sell that lipstick I’m going to be telling people ALL THE TIME that it won’t come off. That’s the selling point and I can’t assume anyone knows it.

But… I messed up in my marketing business and I’ve assumed YOU KNOW the Wow part of running your own business online. And that is a big mistake on my part.

I assume you know I make a full-time living working part-time hours on my own schedule.

I assume you know I DO NOT work with one on one clients, except on VERY rare occassions when I WANT to.

I assume you know that I take days off ANYTIME I want. Work from ANYWHERE I want. Work on ANYTHING I want.

It is complete and total freedom!
It is amazing.
It is DEFINITELY Wow Worthy!

It’s funny how you get used to things, take them for granted.

Some days I’m almost in tears for how grateful I am that I have zero people controlling my life, my actions or my time. Other days I forget that’s even a thing until a friend tells me they have to fake getting pink eye to get a doctor’s note to get out of going to work one day (true story)!

Then I get snapped back into reality and I really how god-damned lucky I am to do what I do. Yet, it’s not luck either. “Lucky” is the wrong word but I do FEEL lucky.

Lucky to have found a “TRIBE” VERY early on in my marketing career, a mastermind group where I learned, was supported and made friends.

Lucky to have made the most amazing of friends who I’ve seen grow alongside me.

Lucky to have had parents who let me live in their basement apartment rent-free while I got my business off the ground.

Lucky to have a life-partner who has ALWAYS supported me even when it seemed like I might never make enough money to live on.

No, lucky isn’t the word because I know enough now to know that MY ACTIONS created the things I have in my life. MY DECISIONS resulted in the places I ended up in and the people who I had in my life.

My lipstick has it’s own WOW factor but so does the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.

One of the members recently said it is the best online marketing group online (heart melted) and I am going to have to agree.

I’m HERE for you. I’ve got the WOW FACTOR in the cake but that’s not all. The wow factor is the reason we do but there is also the doing, the learning, the relationships, the friendships. It ALL has a place in your ultimate business freedom.

Will you make the decision and join us?

Laptop Lifestyle Business Club <<< We welcome new people!

Talk soon,

xo ♥ Angela Wills


p.s. We just started our Small Wins, Big Business challenge for July TODAY. If you become a member now you won’t miss a thing. 

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