The Benefits of Journaling for Business

Recently I’ve been talking about Sue Fleckensteins from Createful Journals daily prompts for journal lovers.

She’s a coaching client of mine who I’ve just seen BLOOM as she focused on what was feeling right to her.

We want business to be all intellectual. Because then we could get formulas, we could have rulebooks, we could find the “secret”, we could buy plug and play, set it and forget it… you get the picture.

But it’s so much more complicated than that!

First of all, let me mention that if you are a blogger that blogging and journaling are closely related. If you find blogging theraputic then it’s likely you’ll also find that in journaling. Hence benefit number one…

#1 Benefit to Journaling: Cheap Therapy

Talking about your feelings HELPS. It makes you feel better. It helps you work things out. I am FAMOUS as a coaching client for starting an email or a message to my coach and writing so much that by the time I’m done, I’ve worked the problem out.

Many of us work things out in our minds by writing them out. Journaling is cheaper than coaching. I paid over $6000 for coaching within the last year, if you can’t manage that right now… start journaling!

Now of course journaling isn’t magic, but it’s certainly quite useful for getting your feelings out and working through problems. Try it. 🙂

#2 Benefit to Journaling: Writing Flow

When I get to journaling regularly I have NO PROBLEM thinking of content for my blog, my emails, my marketing. It just FLOWS. If you’re trying to figure out how to get over the blocks you are feeling from your writing, I highly recommend journaling.

If you’re looking for things to write in your journal to get started, check out Createful Journal’s daily prompts for journaling. The membership is just $5/month.

Here are some of the things I write about in my own journal:

  • Brain Dump – there is a method of journaling by which you just DUMP all your thoughts out onto paper. It’s a good method and very useful… it clears your mind of all that stuff so you can actually think and do productive things
  • To-Do List – yes I often just write the things I need to do in my journal… it doesn’t become my “official” to-do list but more of a thinking it out place where I decide if those to-do items are actually important to me
  • Gratitude – What am I grateful for? Who am I grateful for? What do I appreciate? I ask myself these kinds of questions
  • Money Affirmations – I try to often write positive affirmations around money so that I can become a money master… a constant work in progress for me
  • Dream Lifestyle – I 100% believe in the power of the subconscious about making things happen that you visualize… so I want to visualize my goals and dream life often to remind my subconscious what I intend to create
  • Ask These Questions – If I’m journaling in the morning I could ask myself: “What do I want to create today?” or “What good can I do today?” or some other form of this question… at night it’s the same thing in a different version… “What did I do to create my dream lifestyle today?” or “What good did I do today?”… it keep you conscious of your actions and the decisions that create them

#3 Benefit to Journaling – Creativity is Increased

I LOVE creativity. I LOVE being able to start new things and just mold life into what I want it.

Isn’t that what being creative is all about? Making something that wasn’t there.

The problem is our lives are so FULL of non-creative things… paying the bills, getting the kids ready for school, doing the same workout routine, cooking dinner, etc. Sure, any one of those things CAN be creative, or they can be mundane. If our minds are filled with the “get it done” part, we don’t tap into our creativity.

When you journal out the stresses and strains of regular life by pulling those thoughs out (usually in a brain dump or a to-do list mentioned above), you get to the part where you can dig further into your thoughts, ideas and access the part of your brain that can create. That’s exciting.

If you just journaled for one reason, creativity is a pretty damn good one!

Talk soon,

Angela Wills


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  1. Lovely! I just experienced the transformative powers of journaling this week (again). Writing my truth, especially when it’s for no one else’s eyes but my own, is a genuinely healing practice.

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