Affiliate Experts: People I Admire in Affiliate Marketing

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for many years now and over that time I’ve learned from so many people. There are a few, however, that have stood out to me as being particularly dedicated to the practice, education, and elevation of the industry of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing, if you don’t know, is a type of marketing where a company sets themselves up with an “affiliate program”. When you join their program (for free), the software for the program creates a unique to you only “affiliate link”. This makes you basically a salesperson for the company but don’t let that scare you off. Keep reading to understand just how incredible affiliate marketing is and why ANYONE can do it!

These people I admire, they practice NATURAL Affiliate Marketing.

They incorporate their offers into what they’re doing.
They share what’s working for them.
They tell people what they love.

Yes… everyone can do this.

Just like you can tell your friends about that awesome restaurant you just discovered, or tell you mom about the new and awesome dentist you discovered or tell your kids soccer coach where you found an absolute killer deal on cleats… you can easily incorporate this type of marketing into your business.

This is where we get passive and, if you’re smart in your choices of who to promote, recurring income. These are the golden forms of online income because you don’t have to actually be there to earn it (aka you can wake up with affiliate sales and more income)!

So… here are the people I admire who kill it when it comes to affiliate marketing:

  1. Lynn Terry – I’ve heard Lynn say she’s a “walking tax deduction” and I just freakin love that because it shows just how much she incorporates affiliate marketing into her life. She is known as the Low Carb Traveler. Lynn truly lives the Laptop Lifestyle and I’m so honored to know her and have learned from her all these years.
  2. Rosalind Gardner – I learned about Rosalind from Lynn Terry and I bought her Super Affiliate Handbook. It was truly a top notch training tool for me when I was a pretty early beginner in affiliate marketing. She is a known affiliate marketing industry expert.
  3. Nicole Dean – Nicole is my coach and also an inspiration to so many. I’ve learned so many things from her but her unrelenting passion to create a business of complete freedom has been a constant since I’ve known her. She just got back from a trip to Italy, which she share pics of on social media and all I can say is #laptoplifestyleGOALS
  4. Connie Ragen Green – Connie was one of the speakers at my Because Life Can’t Wait Telesummit and, again, another Laptop Lifestyle and affiliate marketing master. Connie talked about spending the first three hours of her day working and then going out to do “life” for the rest of the day. I LOVED that. Connie has written products on how to win affiliate contests and is an inspiring affiliate marketer.

I recommend you check out these ladies, watch what they’re doing and learn from them if you’re interested in seeing natural affiliate marketers in action.

And… You can learn from me. I know my affiliate marketing because I’ve learned from amazing people like the ladies mentioned above. I studied, I applied and I profited in affiliate marketing. I’ve created something different with my product and marketing, though, because my emphasis is incorporating affiliate marketing INTO what you’re already doing.

In my Natural Affiliate Marketing course I’m giving you daily action steps to build affiliate marketing into your business. No matter if you’re a total beginner or if you’re already making money but want a boost, this training is for you. You’ll get access to a private group where you’ll get my signature “Coaching in the Comments” type help where I will give you JUST AS MUCH value as if you paid me to be your one on one coach, for real!

It is so important to me that my customers succeed. I want you to take fast and immediate action and to start seeing results.

It’s time to take a look and decide if you’d like to be a Natural Affiliate Marketing << go there to check out all the details and sign up!

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