Successful Affiliate Marketing Example (aka how I win contests)

Every once in a while I find myself on an affiliate leaderboard for a product I’ve been promoting. Most of the time it’s a surprise. For example a couple of years ago or so I won $300 as an affiliate for Coach Glue. Initially, I didn’t even realize they were having an affiliate contest but when I found out I was in the running to win something, I got motivated and gave it a go.

That’s what’s so awesome about affiliate contests and getting on an affiliate leaderboard. It’s motivating. It’s fun. It’s exciting! Of couse that’s a win-win for all involved.

If you’re not familiar with an Affiliate Leaderboard here’s the deal:

Every so often a product owner will hold an affiliate contest. During a set timeline the product owner will offer prizes (cash or other) to top and sometimes random affiliates as a reward for promoting their products and earning sales.

I’m an affiliate for quite a large number of products and programs. Most of the time I just promote programs as it seems to fit with what I’m teaching or talking about at the moment. I don’t pay a lot of attention to launch schedules or big JVZoo events, etc. I’m more concerned about getting the right information to the right peeps at the right time.

One of my favorite “surprise, you’re on the leaderboard!” stories is when I was friended by the owner of eCover Authority, Chad Ejisr. I had seen my friend promote this product and had meant to go check it out. I knew it was something that would be a PERFECT fit to share with my readers and so as soon as I saw the link to Chad’s affiliate contest I knew I wanted to promote it. I signed up as an affiliate right away and the next day started promoting as soon as the little baby girl was napping. I wrote this in September of 2015 when I started promoting but it’s still VERY valid today!

Here’s my day one results:


On day one of this particular promotion I found out that I was at the top of the leaderboard. With a $3000 cash prize up for grabs for the top affiliate I was pretty surprised to hear I was leading!


I have to tell ya I’m not really a competitive type person but being told you’re in the lead to win such a large prize gives you motivation to keep it up!

And keep it up I did. As of day four (yesterday) I had slipped to the #2 spot (which is still a $1000 prize):


Here’s where I’m going to list out the whole process of what I’ve done to this point to attempt to hold that top spot. As of writing this (Tuesday night) the contest is still running so what I’ll do is come back after publishing and update you with the (hopefully great) news of how it all panned out.

The first thing I did on Friday was email my list. Here’s email one:


After I sent this one I got a question about the time zone so I quickly fixed up another email to clarify, which was basically the same as the one above with the time zone of the initial sale added.

Now at 1pm I sent out another email. In my rush to promote this program on launch day I misunderstood that the price was going up in increments to $37, not all at once at 2pm like I thought. So I created a bigger ‘urgency’ than was actually there… and it worked. Obviously I don’t recommend creating any kind of fake urgency as that would be very unethical (like I said mine was an absolute accident) but what you CAN do is definitely take advantage of any REAL urgency built-in to any product sales.

Here’s the email I sent a 1pm:


You’ll notice this email is almost exactly the same just with a different subject and a little of the first wording edited.

The next thing I did was create a post on my facebook page and I shared it in my group (now Laptop Lifestyle Business Club):


In my original posts I had told people I’d give them a free Look ‘Over My Shoulder’ workshop just for signing up for eCover Authority. I had no details other than that yet and hadn’t even picked a date. I didn’t have anything set up for it so I got to work setting up some details and picking a date.

I created a page on my site to give people the details on the workshop and to invite them to buy eCover Authority.


So I’m not going to list out EVERY single move I make because that could take a full report (you’d be better off to get on my email list to see what I do over the next few days). Here’s a screenshot of the emails I’ve sent since:


My email ‘Who Should buy eCover Authority (and Why)’ got great results and some more sales.

I also turned that into a blog post here that I shared on social media. When I create a blog post I always click on the social media share links on the post (feel free to click them on this post or any you like, too! 🙂  ):


After my promo email yesterday I also sent out a second email (later in the evening) about a telesummit I had participated in that people could sign up for free to listen to. Inside that one I made another mention of the program but didn’t link to it (I’m thinking I probably should have for better results):

So that brings us up to Tuesday, August 25th.

I set up two facebook ads on Monday and on Tuesday I added another.

Here are the ads:




In total for those three ads I spent $30.13 and they made me nada. nothing. I’m not overly surprised as I honestly have NO CLUE what I’m doing with facebook ads but I figured I’d give it a shot since each sale had the potential to help me win, even if I spent $16 to get the sale it could have been worth it since the commission on each was between $13.50 and $18.50.

Also I created a video review of the software and how I create the eCovers:

Finally today I also added a ‘Foobar’ to the bottom of my screen:


The point of the banner across the bottom of the site is to capture the attention of any blog post readers. That way I can also promote my unrelated content (because I’m sure people are getting a little tired of hearing about eCovers) and STILL get them in front of my offer for a free workshop bonus when they buy eCover Authority.

From Tuesday on I didn’t push my list too much harder. I figured most people who were going to buy up to that point had bought. I did know, though, that doing a final last-minute push is important because people often do want to buy but also will wait until the very last chance to do so.

So I sent out a few emails from Wednesday to Friday night when the contest ended:


I was kinda surprised my email to a blog post about ‘how to get your Mojo back’ got so many clicks. That one had a reminder about the software and a link to the post. My email with a free graphics download didn’t surprise me with the clicks, because my list loves free downloads when I send them (and I like to do that often to give ’em lots of value)!

On the final day I ended up getting another $171 in commissions.. not bad at all.


On Saturday I found out how I place in the Affiliate Contest:


Seriously. Thrilled.

I was so happy to be in that position after participating in a contest I didn’t even know about the day before. I literally found out about it only 10 hours before it started!

The implications of this kind of success have really had me thinking hard on my direction and where I want to lead my business efforts in the future. I don’t know if you know this but I actually started Marketer’s Mojo back in 2008 in an attempt to be a full-time affiliate marketer. That attempt DID NOT work out as planned and so I got into group coaching – now the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. These days I still love my coaching clients but I am going to be putting some serious effort into affiliate marketing again. It is by far the most passive way to I’ve found to earn income.

Even though I put in a hard week of work promoting… I’m done. I don’t need to maintain a product, I didn’t have to create a product, I don’t need to provide customer support and I don’t have to worry about training on that product. It’s all done by the product creator. Leaving me to go promote the next awesome business product.

The final result of my week’s worth of hard work?

$1064.76 in commissions
$750 in prize money

A new-found appreciation that my list LOVES stuff related to creating graphics for their business!

Update: January 2017 – In 2016 Chad decide to do another sale and run another affiliate contest. I was still keeping busy with my darling girl and instead of re-creating all the promotional content for eCover Authority I REUSED almost everything! I reused the emails I had sent, the video, I set up a replay of the training webinar and I of course reused the ads and graphics I had created. For very little time spent I ended up taking the #4 spot on the leaderboard and winning $200 on top of $612.19 in commissions!


p.s. I hope you’ve found this post helpful, interesting and motivational! If you did would you be a super-awesome doll and share it or comment or both?! Hugs! 🙂

p.s.s. If you want to learn affiliate marketing and get my insider advice on how to do what I did, please sign up here!

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