Success to me = Freedom

I talk about the Laptop Lifestyle.
I talk about time-business freedom.
I talk about doing what you want, when you want.

How about I show you, too? Here’s what it looked like yesterday:

On Thursday I took my daughter to a cute little ceramics cafe. She goes to daycare on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only and the rest of the days we find stuff to do. I had no where to be. I had no client work to do.

Did I have work I COULD do? Sure. Of course. But the key point here is I didn’t have to sit at home with her, forcing her to wati patiently while Mommy finished up work. Nope… we did what we wanted to.

I typically do my work on the M/W/F daycare days. I schedule any calls or VIP Days (super rare). I have ONE steady coaching client and that’s because I choose to keep my days free for the most part. It’s definitely uncertain when I’ll take another long-term client again.

Did I start here?

No sir eee! I started as a Virtual Assistant in 2006 and I set myself up for a world of work.

I was working ALL THE TIME. At first, while working my factory job on the afternoon shift I’d come home at about midnight or 1,2 am if I had overtime. Then, I’d set to work on client work. I’d work until about 4 or 5am, go to bed for a few hours and then get up about 10 or 11am to be a mombie to my son (that’s zombie mommy!). I did that for about nine months until I had enough time to quit my job.

Then I thought I was in the free and clear! Yahoo! Freedom!

But BOOM reality hit and I realized I was working myself to the bone, neglecting my own self-care (walks? moving? leaving the house? what’s that?) and spending so much LESS time with my son than I wanted!

I was sooo freaking frustrated. I thought I had to go back to a job. I even DECIDED to go back to a job. I even went to a few interviews.

But I didn’t get any of the jobs.

So I kept trying.

I resolved to stop working so damn hard! I raised my rates. I focused in on a niche market and a niche service. I started creating products. And I moved from freelancer to freedompreneur. It didn’t happen overnight, not at all. Matter of fact from the time I quit my job in 2007 to the time I said goodbye to my last client it was five years later. Then it took me another few years to move from the roller coaster ride of “product launching” into the more comfortable (but still bumpy) ride of increased passive and recurring income.

Yes it’s been quite a ride!

I don’t forget ANY of it. I don’t underappreciate ANY of the efforts. I don’t take the freedom I earned through that process for grated for one single minute.

I remember it through every coffee visit.
I’ll remember it through every field trip as my daughter starts school in September.
I’ll remember it on vacations I don’t need to ask permission for.
I’ll remember it on days I just need a mental health day and I take it.

To me, this is success.

Do I want some more financial freedom? Sure of course I do. I have some goals I never thought I’d have because of the goals I already have reached. But the success, the thing I teach, the thing I built an entire membership around because I know that support of a community is super helpful (and for me was a requirement) to achieve what about 90% of society doesn’t believe is even POSSIBLE!

Yes. This is a real thing. You really can earn you income online and not be tied to one person, place or thing because of it.

I’d LOVE to teach you how.
I’d LOVE to help guide you on the way.
I’d LOVE to welcome you to the community I’ve built.

Will you join us? This is your official invitation.

Join the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club right here.

Angela Wills

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