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Success is… not what you think


Today I want to talk to you about something… open, honest, real.

As I prepare to release my upcoming online course and group coaching program, Natural Course Creator, I am also working one on one with a client to help her create her course. It’s my way of testing my content and materials and getting relevant and real-time feedback on the info I’m sharing for the course.

So as I’m teaching my course content  I’m realizing I need to move my course launch date.

I had it set for January 29th but now I need to move it to February 11th.


Poor timing.

The holidays did not go as expected. I had so much less time to work on my business than I thought I would, and I totally FORGOT I would love two whole, precious, workdays to Christmas and New Years Eve.

Then, even this and last week I had a hair appointment last Friday (which is a three-hour kinda deal) and then a doctor appointment this Friday.


I shouldn’t be surprised. I am not any more immune than you are to misjudging what I can accomplish in a few weeks. So I had to swallow my pride and go to my student to tell her I was adapting my launch timeline and it was totally OK for her to do so, too, if she needed to.

As far as success goes… I know that’s a VERY subjective term.

But to me success is progress.
Success is setting a goal and getting it done, even if it’s not done WHEN you expect it.
Success is being adaptable and adjustable when things come up you don’t expect.
Success is the FREEDOM I experience as a result of sharing what I know and what I’ve learned.

And I’m so excited to be sharing and compiling and preparing to teach you, and anyone who’s ready, how to create online courses. Yes the date is just slightly delayed but you’ll want to keep a watch out because I will be doing quite a few exciting things during this launch:

  • Free Webinar with tons of valuable info on launching your online course.
  • Free Facebook Lives packed with tips and advice and some free resources.
  • Free downloads to pick up and use.
  • And even a free course giveaway worth $497!

If you thought the process was always tidy, never delayed and those of us who’ve made good, good money selling online haven’t had our fair share of products and “failures” << though I don’t call them that >>, think again 😉

I’m putting together my plan right now for promoting this course.

Here are some highlights just to give you a teaser of what I’ll be teaching coming up:

  • I’m writing up and publishing my salespage ASAP. Meaning today or at the very least by Monday.
  • I’m setting up my webinar early, early, early next week (aka Monday) so I can get ready to promote that.
  • I’m contacting affiliates next week to set up with them and see what of the upcoming goodies would be best for them to share with their audience (if you’re an affiliate get in touch if this sounds like a plan).
  • I’m spending MOST of the next four weeks before launch on MARKETING, and I’m preparing to have week one of awesome course content ready. Then I work on and release the rest week by week. Because while it may SEEM counter-intuitive to create the course AFTER the marketing is done it’s actually smart for so, so, so many reasons that I’ll be sharing with you soon.

If you’ve been reading my messages lately you’ll know that I have a year-long coaching offer on the table right now and it’s coming OFF the table by Monday, January 15th. I have no idea when or if I’ll open it up again this year. I might open it in three months or I might get so busy with other stuff that I don’t… so if you want to work with me one on one AND you want to get my upcoming coaching programs as part of that offer, now is the time to contact me.

Just to clarify when you buy one year of coaching with me you get:

  • One FULL YEAR of Personal Daily Coaching from me, Angela Wills (value $4764)
  • One FULL YEAR of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club membership(value $444/year)
  • Access to the upcoming Natural Course Coach group coaching program (value $497)
  • Access to the upcoming Natural Blogger group coaching program (value $497)
  • Access to the upcoming Natural Email Marketer group coaching program (value $497)
  • Access to the upcoming Natural Affiliate Marketer group coaching program (value $497)
  • JUST ADDED! One Four-Hour VIP Day (value $697)

That’s a total of $7893 in value but you won’t pay anywhere near that. What would it be worth to you to create JUST ONE successful online course based on my coaching and training? Surely one “successful” course could earn you at least $5,000 OR MORE. That’s from ONE Piece of this package I’m offering you.

OH and I don’t know how I did this but in my previous mentions of my coaching I totally FORGOT to add that you get one four-hour VIP day (value $697), included! We could use that to make a massive dent in your online course creation or for any other purpose that suits you.

Your cost is only $2997!

Please get in touch if this is for you. You can see more details about the All-Access Protege Coaching Program (that’s what I’m calling it) right here << go there now I’m closing the offer Monday.










p.s. I’m also closing my yearly deal to the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club on Monday. You can save big right now if you go ahead and use the code below. Look… I know the big package isn’t for everyone but I truly believe you NEED a TRIBE to survive in this online business world. If you sign up and PARTICIPATE I am so, so, so positive you will see huge benefit from it. I’m the kinda person who I don’t think could have done this on my own but with a place, a home, I THRIVED. I knew others need it, too, and it’s what I created. I’m so proud!


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