Stop Apologizing For Selling! Please!


I am hearing from people things like this:

“I can’t sell too much or people will stop following me.”
“I value my reputation too much to sell all the time.”
“I don’t want to SPAM my group.”
“If I sell in my emails my list will unsubscribe.”

Let me ask you this:
Are you in business?

If the answer is; “Naw, I’m just playing around, this is just for fun.” then by ALL MEANS go ahead and keep bashing selling while having fun and not making money.

If the answer is; “Of course I am.” or “I really want to be but I’m struggling.” then LISTEN UP, and I mean LISTEN UP because this is so important!

So important!

Here is what a LOT Of people believe:

I need to build up my following with value, not selling, not bothering them with my products YET. I’ll get to the selling when they see the value I have to offer, when I give them a bunch of free stuff and then they love me… then I’ll TRY to get some products in front of them and see if they buy.

OK… that is a valid method. It actually works. People can love you so much because you’ve built up SUCH a big following that they WANT to pay you and they ASK to pay you. BUT IT IS SO RARE.

It’s rare because you have to have MEGA patience for this method to work, and time. Most people in business that I know, have neither. They need their business to pay off YESTERDAY but their using methods that will get their business to pay off in months, years or never.

Here’s what I am going to ADAMENTLY SUGGEST TO YOU:

See the value in what you sell.


Just STOP that.

See the value in what you have to offer, see the value in your business, see the value in YOU.

It’s sort of like the flip of a switch.

When you do this you’ll no longer feel like you’re bothering people…instead you will be adding to their lives.

When you do this you’ll no longer EVER email too much, because value is value and it’s never too much.

When you do this you’ll NEVER have to apologize for marketing, and people will THANK YOU for doing so.

I promise you this is 1000% in your mindset.

Do you get upset at the grocery store for selling you bananas?
Do you get annoyed at your friend who you love and enjoy spending time with for emailing you 5 times in a day?
Do you apologize for showing up at work to provide a service and when you take your paycheck as fair payment for the work you did?

Of course not!

So create awesome products that enrich lives, get the heck out there and share it with the world and DO NOT APOLOGIZE for a moment for doing so!

What if someone who was super stuck takes your WordPress training, builds a website, goes on to create an amazing business and makes hundreds of thousands of dollars. One person. Because of you? Your course?

What if someone hires you as a Virtual Assistant, gets you to create systems and processes and then has time to spend the last momnents with an ailing parent. Because they hired YOU and your services?

What if you coach someone to great health and they avoid a heart attack twenty years down the road because of the amazing habits they learned from you?

And, WHAT IF they NEVER had the chance to have their lives enriched because you were being too shy about telling and sharing your value? And what if instead of one person missed out hundreds did, or thousands?!

Now do you see how it’s your DUTY to get this message out. How you’re are doing a complete disservice to the people who need you by worrying about what the negative nellies and people who think you should do everything for free?

C’mon… cater to the people who think it’s right and fair to pay people for the great value they can provide!

Ok? Ok!

Now that that’s settled you want to join me in this month’s challenge. It’s going to teach you more about making offers without using every moment of valuable “life”. It’s going to teach you to be a true lifestyle marketer. It’s going to prove to you once and for all that the laptop lifestyle is achievable for you, too.

Can’t wait to see you in there! See the first reply to this message for your link and coupon code 🙂

🖥❤ Angela Wills

p.s. We start Monday so rush your bum over there now (just kidding, click the link 😉
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The challenge is for you if you want to:

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>>Plan ahead and create amazing things. When you always are rushing to keep up because you’re not working smart then the quality of your work suffers. Being smarter with your time means better stuff and happier customers.

>>Stop wasting your time on things that don’t matter. There are far too many things you’re likely doing every day that don’t make any difference in your business. When you work less and earn more, you’ll be able to cut the fluff and only do the things that matter.


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