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Start Here

New to Online Marketing and/or Marketer’s Mojo?  Then, Start Here:

Internet Business Resources:

There are many programs I use on a regular basis to run my internet business. Here is a list of my absolute essentials:

Amember – For a shopping cart and affiliate program.
Amazon s3 (super cheap) – To host my training materials and videos for download (so I don’t fill up my hosting with stuff).
Audacity (free) – To edit audios for my website, programs and podcast.
Audio Acrobat – To host and play my audios.
Aweber – To host and build my email lists.
Backup Creator – The plugin that backs up and moves website.
Basecamp – To manage my product creation, email marketing and outsourcing.
Camtasia – To create videos for my website and training programs.
Filezilla (free) – To transfer files to my website when I don’t use WordPress.
Gimp (free) – To create graphics for my websites and my marketing.
iThemes Builder – The theme that rocks my website design.
Open Office (free) – To create my training materials and turn them into PDFs.
WordPress (free) – To build my website(s).

Choose a Business Model

The first thing you must do is choose your business model and your target market. There are some really amazing ways to build a business on the internet that lead to a lifestyle of freedom like no other profession. Below you’ll find links to some blog posts and free reports that teach you on various business models to make money online.

Build a Website

Design your Website

Build an Email List

Affiliate Marketing