Setting Up for Success in Affiliate Marketing.

Grab a coffee (or drink of preference) and let’s talk basics.

The bare bones of my philosophy around selling and affiliate marketing is that you must ALWAYS be serving your market. This isn’t about YOU. It’s about YOUR PEOPLE. If you work to serve your market and help them find the best tools, programs and resources then you will succeed.
☙ The natural part comes in when you think about what you can naturally recommend. Think about what you LOVE, what you USE and what makes the most sense for you to tell people about.
Incorporating these offers right into everything you do, naturally, is your mission.
Here are some examples:
  • As you write emails to your people, mention products you use and when you have an affiliate link, use it.
  • As you take pictures for your social media profiles, make sure products and programs you use are included, naturally as they fit.
  • Incorporate affiliate links into everything from blog posts, to social media to your products.
Before you can do ANY of this, you need your affiliate links.
Action Steps to Move You Forward:
  1. ☑ Affiliate Program Brainstorm – Write out all the affiliate programs you can find and think of related to products, services and programs you are already familiar with.
  2. ☑ Affiliate Program Signup – Sign up for at least 25 affiliate programs.
  3. ☑ Affiliate Program Tracking – I’m including an affiliate program spreadsheet (grab it from the facebook group) that you can use to keep track of your programs or you can sign up for Lastpass to keep your logins, password and affiliate are links. Also, those programs will also help you to fill out all the forms you’ll be filling out to sign up for affiliate programs, much faster. See spreadsheet that was bundled in this assignment zip file.

How to Find the BEST Affiliate Programs

☑ Passive Income.
It’s THE thing we all want, right?
Look I don’t want to give you any false ideas about passive income. It does NOT mean you can do a little thing, then just sit back and watch the cash roll in while you go live life and not bother with anymore work. It’s just NOT like that.
If you want the kind of passive income that actually supports you, you’re going to have to work your ass off to get it!
However, if you want the kind of passive income that, say, pays a monthly bill or a few then YES, that’s doable with some work (still).
And what you need to know is that when it comes to affiliate marketing, not all programs will get you passive income for your promotions.
☕ Coffee Time, Let’s define the three types of income:
    SOME programs pay you ONCE (like Amazon) and if you don’t keep promoting, you’ll never get paid again. Every commission you earn you’ll have to do something for. That’s called Active Income (at least that’s what I call it).
    There are other affiliate programs that allow you to send them a customer ONCE and get tagged to that cookie for all future sales. This is a very good thing! This means you not only get paid for that first sale, you get paid for all future purchases that customer makes. AND it means you can send that customer in to get a freebie and let the company do the sales part!
    Now this is a form of passive income but even better because you get paid month after month for just one sale. This is for monthly subscription type programs like an email autoresponders or a monthly membership. By the way MY affiliate program pays you recurring commissions of 50% of my membership price and I invite you to add it to your list of programs to promote. You can sign up in the customer area here.
So… you’re looking for passive or recurring as your BEST types of programs. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t promote the others that will serve your people and that you are very passionate about!
Action Steps to Move You Forward:
  1. ☑ Affiliate Program Signup – Sign up for at least 25 affiliate programs.
  2. ☑ Passive or Recurring? – Find out which of those programs are active, passive or recurring income.
  3. ☑ Get Your Affiliate Links! – Get your affiliate links and add them to your spreadsheet or save them in Lastpass.
  4. ☑ POST Your Affiliate Link in the Facebook Group – No, we’re not going to try to sell each other in there but I want you to do this for a few reasons… 1) So you get practiced in finding the links as it’s different in each system, 2) So I can see what you’re picking and 3) So we can talk about what you’ve chosen and get some ideas on how you CAN promote it!

Affiliate Marketing Mindset

☕ Mindset is a tricky thing. You could be shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to selling ANYTHING if you’re mindset is in the wrong place. I have seen far, far, FAR too many people apologizing for selling.
NEVER apologize for selling.
People should be THANKING YOU for sharing the offer with them. If they’re not, then either you’re not offering anything good (bad move) OR you’re not explaining it’s true awesomeness so they just don’t get it, yet.
Look… you need only offer things you LOVE. There are so many choices out there you can easily find stuff you can rave about! Do that! Share that! Be excited about that!

Advanced Affiliate Marketing Methods

Most novice affiliate marketers make a very common mistake:
They get signed up to an affiliate program, log in to the affiliate area and grab the provided images, pop the image on their site and then call it a day.
This is the lazy affiliate marketing method. Sure, it’s better than nothing BUT it’s not going to get you much in the way of results unless you have huge amounts of highly engaged traffic and even then there’s no guarantees.
So… you need to use better tools to get better, or the best results.
☕ Now keep in mine the best conversions are going to be different across different marketers, marketers and businesses. It’s not universal but what is universal are some behaviors that people exhibit.

1. Emails – Write emails from YOUR perspective, experience and insight.

The absolute BEST converting emails for me are the ones where I tell people that I’ve bought the product I’m promoting myself. It seems counter-intuitive because I can’t even tell them if the product is good but the value comes from the fact that I’m willing to invest my own money in the product. Because I see it as a good buy, other people do, too!

Then there are of course just regular emails telling people about a product, why it’s good and why they should buy it. But anytime you can give your own experience with a product – do it!

2. Bonuses – A great way to add extra value to a product you are promoting is to add your own bonus. I do this often when I’ve joined up to an affiliate contest and am working to win it. My best tip with bonuses is to add a product worth as close to the value of the one you are promoting, or even a higher value. This gives people the feeling they’re getting HUGE value and they’re more likely to click the buy button!
3. Free Report – In my experience people LOVE to be sent a free, valuable report. The easier it is to consume, the better AND it needs to have a great call to action. A good downloaded report without giving them next steps is a waste… so be sure to add it in if you get the report from the company, or if you write it yourself.
4. Videos and Case Studies – Showing people HOW to use a product and what they can do with it is a great way to get more sales. It helps answer questions, shows an inside look and gives them a much better idea of what they’ll be getting.
These are just a few affiliate tools you can use. Honestly the only limit to promoting products is your imagination.
Action Steps to Move You Forward:
☑ Write an “I bought this” email and send it! Even if you don’t have an email list, you can do this… send it to someone you know or post it on Facebook.
☑ Login to five of your favorite products or programs and see what tools they offer you. Some companies give you lots of options, some can be lacking.
Write a list of tools YOU can use. Will you add bonuses, send free reports, do videos, webinars.

Affiliate Marketing Tip: Pick Something You’re Excited About

☕I have to tell you a bit of a secret. It’s not a secret because nobody wants to tell you. I think it’s just something those of us doing and teaching marketing don’t think to mention a lot. And… it’s not really something you can teach.
Because it’s something you FEEL.
When you’re excited about something, you can sell it.
When you’re trying to sell something out of obligation (to a job, or to make money, or because you think it’s a “hot” seller), you can’t sell it.
Then you think the thing isn’t selling because you’re no good at selling. In a way, you’re right. But it’s not that you’re not good at selling, it’s that you haven’t picked something you’re good at selling because you are EXCITED to tell people about!
When I get excited about a product or program, I say and do things much differently than if I’m not. I put more effort in. I get more creative. I just do more stuff!
So use your “excitement level” to guide you as you pick your programs. It will make it so much easier to figure out what you should promote next. 😉

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