They wanna to go to freakin SPACE CAMP!

OK, it’s not too often I have THIS GOOD a reason to buy something.

I am about to grab this AWESOME social graphics package and it’s helping send two pretty freakin cool teenagers to Space Camp!

How do I know they’re cool? Well… they wanna go to space camp of course! lol. I remember LOVING the movie of the same name when I was young and wonder “is there REALLY a space camp?”.

Well apparently there is!

I don’t know if I’m overly emotional because I’ve been struck with a bad cold (maybe flu) for the past five days or if it’s because I ALSO have a teen son but when I read that these two boys are working their way to earn their way into this camp I’ll admit it had me tearing up just a teeny bit… Of course I LOVE hearing about teens working online!

But enough about space camp cause I am literally geeking out too much on this… let’s talk about the super-quality graphics package these teens and mom Chele Neisler team have put together, along with my friend and coach Kelly McCausey…

The package contains 30 Encouraging Graphics for Business Owners:

The motivational sayings are spot on!
They come with PLR rights!
They are uniquely created to fit on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In and a Powerpoint Slide.
The powerpoint version is perfect for the back of a business card.

So what do you do with these images?

  • Motivate and encourage your clients for months on end…
  • Add them to your blog posts…
  • Pop them into relevant emails…
  • Push them straight to social media with inspiring content…
  • Keep them going by using them as headers on your social channels…

And WHOA… what if you want to automatically share the CORRECT image size for each social media site, automatically? Don’t know how? There is a bonus personal use tutorial included to show you exactly how to do that! Well that in itself is worth the price so you can transfer that skill to ALL your graphics sharing for your content!

You’ll also get a graphics tracking sheet to keep track of exactly where you’ve shared, and when is a good time to do it again!…. (because you don’t use ANYTHING just once and throw it away, RIGHT?)


It just goes on and on here. I’m sooo excited about the holiday graphics they’ve added. WHAT.. holidays? It’s August… Yea and we all know September and October FLY so you’ll be ready with these BEEE-U-TiFUL holiday graphics.

I grabbed a partial screenshot of them:

See the rest on the order page here.

As I said I just love seeing a partnership like this and I’m so happy to support it. But even more than that this package is just PACKED and the quality is crazy. The price is only $19 for now, it’s set to $29 regular.

Talk soon!







p.s. So my topic of the month of August in the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club just happens to be Business Graphics BOOST! So perfectly matched is this challenge package! If you’re a member of my CLUB and you want to get a BIG JUMP (hint: one of your challenges is to gather social media graphics – ha!) on the challenge this month this package would be the way to do it. Get Your Social Media Graphics Package Here

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