I hope you follow your dreams…

This is my office today. My view from the beach. People might say it’s “lucky” that I get to work where I want, when I want but I can assure you it is not luck that made this happen.

I could have quit. I could have quit so many times.

People begged me to get a job.
People told me being a single mom and spending so much time on the computer was selfish.
People told me you couldn’t make a full-time living on the internet.

And had I listened to people, well meaning as they were, I’d not be enjoying this view while writing this message to you.

To inspire you.
To motivate you.
To guide you.

You might be just getting started and feeling unsure if you’ll EVER make it happen, really.
You might be an income earner who’s working to break into the next stage of growth and feeling like it’s taking FOREVA…
You might be a high five-figures earner who’s working to break that ever so elusive to some six-figure income goal like me.

No matter where you are and what you’re deal is I can assure you that this life I have, it’s not just for me, it’s not my special blessing or treat or secret. It’s for anyone who wants it and wants to be so stupidly stubborn that to others you look CRAZY for doing what you’re doing.

I’ll never forget when my boyfriend said to me “You are working sooooo hard but making barely any money. You’d make more money as a single mom on welfare than you do in your business.”

He was just worried. Concerned. Not seeing my vision or knowing if I knew how to make it happen. I get it. He was SUPER supportive and I AM VERY LUCKY to have always had supportive people in my life, always. No crabs pulling me back down into the bucket as they saying goes, ever. That comment was the one thing he ever said in over 12 years to the negative side of running my business and I think he only said it to make sure I did my “reality check” on whether I was doing the things that would make my business grow, or was I stuck.

But grow it did. About 20% per year, year after year!

I met with a highschool friend a little over a year ago and she asked me if I made a part-time income working online. That surprised me but I think it makes sense that people would think that as a mom staying home with my then two year old (now almost four) that I couldn’t pull a full-time income.

But I do. I pull a bigger full-time income than many working over forty hours a week on only part-time hours. I work three days a week.

I’m telling you this so you know. You know I’m not playing. You know I’m a SERIOUS business owner with SERIOUS goals. Matter of fact my six-figure goal is still taunting me and I’m AFTER it. I’m working on my mindset because I’ve realized how very important it is.

This is a bit of rambling blog but I don’t care. It’s Friday as I write this. I’m writing AT the beach, something I’ve actually not done before. I usually write from the coffee shop or the library but I am totally adding this to my rounds when it’s a nice mild, overcast day like today.

I do what I do because of smart online marketing methods, because of passive income, because of recurring income, because of email marketing, because of affiliate marketing and because of automation.

The only dollars for hours I do now are the ones I LOVE to do.
The only clients I work with are the clients who bring me JOY.

This is possible for you. It really is.

It first starts with believing you can, of course and then taking action.

I know what it’s like to be the newbie, I’m quite a few years in the business but I still remember and I can provide you with the gentle, patient, confident guidance you need.

I really remember what it was like to be an income earner just getting traction, and how there are many uncertain times in that stage, times when you just need someone to give you some feedback, advice and support.

And of course I know what it’s like to be a high five-figure income earning, just grazing the edges of that six figure status… that mindset breakthrough point… that important goal and magic number that makes some things easier and I’m sure some things harder. I dunno cause I’m not there yet but I’m sure as hell looking forward to finding out. Let’s do it together?

This is me. This is the message that flowed through me today. It’s not really wrapped up in a neat package but I think it was important enough to let flow.

I hope you follow your dreams.
I hope you never give up.
I hope you believe you can do it and I hope you create your laptop lifestyle.




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