Achieve small wins that add up to more confidence, motivation and BIGGER BUSINESS 
with this easy to follow, fast-action Challenge!

Hey there! Angela Wills here from the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club...

If you're a coach, an information marketer, virtual assistant or other online professional building your business online then you already know it's not for the weak of heart, body or spirit! It takes tenacity to build and grow a following online, grow an email list, be a social media master and to get sales! 

You might even be currently feeling somewhat overwhelmed, frustrated or just plain unsure of what to do next. 

And if you're ONLY considering big tasks you might feel like you've got a mountain to scale and you have no freaking clue where to place the first footstep! 

That's EXACTLY why I've created the Small Wins, Big Business challenge! 

What if, instead of doing HUGE tasks like planning massive launches, writing major content pieces or started huge projects that require a team of 20 you take it small, with small wins? What if each small win, working in unison, set you up for big business over time? 

What if each small win gave you more confidence, clarity, motivation and inspiration to keep going? Wouldn't that be AWESOME? I damn-well thing so! 

INTRODUCING: The Small Wins, Big Business Challenge!

When you login, you'll get immediate access to your Challenge Fast-Action Plan. Then once the challenge starts on Monday you'll receive daily emails with one of the challenge action steps included each day. 

Curious what we'll cover in this challenge? Here are the exact activities you'll be doing over the 10-day period:

  • Day 1: Update Your "About Me" Page
  • Day 2: Create an "Offers to Make" Sheet
  • Day 3: Contact 5-10 People You Know
  • Day 4: Contact 3-5 People You Don't Know
  • Day 5: PLAN 30-Days of Topics
  • Day 6: Make a Goal & Break it Down
  • Day 7: Drink Your Water (yes i said drink your water)
  • Day 8: Do a Facebook Live (Video OR Audio)
  • Day 9: Determine Your Social Media Method
  • Day 10: Plan Your Week


Fast-Action Plan

Your action plan includes everything to do during the 10-Day Challenge and advice on how to do it quickly:

10 Video Prompts & Transcripts

I've recorded short (1-3 minute), to the point talking-head videos to guide you through the 10 fast-action tasks of each day of the challenge. This is like having someone by your side during the challenge to give you quick tips, motivate and encourage you to get 'er done!

Transcripts coming soon.

10 Challenge Graphics

You'll also receive ten pre-created challenge graphics that you can use in email reminders and/or in a Facebook Challenge group. These are a great way to attract your challenges and help keep them on track!

Salepage Copy

I've customized the copy on this page for you to use on your own salespages. This is the same copy I've used to SELL these challenges myself so again, proven to work. You don't need to spend all your time figuring out what to write on the salespage. Grab my copy, paste it in, tweak to your liking and start selling this challenge!

Salespage Images

I've taken screenshots of the pieces of this challenge and you'll welcome to use them in YOUR challenge, too, if they work for you. You'll get the screenshot of the Action Plan and of the 10 Video Prompts. If you don't use my version of the prompts and instead decide to create your own then you're going to want to create your own image for that as well. 

Get It Now:

Private Label / Resell Rights

  • Fast-Action Plan (word & pdf)
  • 10 Video Prompts & Transcripts (mp4 & txt)
    (transcripts coming Aug.14th)
  • 10 Challenge Graphics (jpg)
  • Salespage Copy (word)
  • Salespage Images (jpg)
  • Rights to sell the challenge as is or edit it, rebrand it and sell it as your own.

Buy Now for Only $47

If you're still unsure about this challenge and if it's REALLY going to produce results worth spending your precious and limited time on, consider this:

  • Small Actions ADD-UP - A successful business is not built by one massive launch or one major action. It is a combination of many many small actions that add up over time. That is why you truly can get on the path to a bigger business by taking small actions like those laid out in this challenge.
  • They take VERY LITTLE time - Most of these actions can be done in 10 minutes or less. 
  • The sense of accomplishment is MOTIVATING - It doesn't make whole lot of difference if you complete a 10 hour task or a 10 minute task in terms of the checkbox your brain marks off to say "I accomplished this." That's why it's SO MOTIVATING to complete those quick tasks. We're wired to celebrate something being done and these small wins add up to big motivation! 

As I mentioned this is a previously-released challenge that is PROVEN by my awesome members in the club. They took results and made things happen. It also got people ENGAGED. Here is just a (blurred for privacy) snippet of the many conversations that happened in the group around this challenge:

Ready to Experience the True Benefits of SMALL WINS?

Private Label / Resell Rights

  • Fast-Action Plan (word & pdf)
  • 10 Video Prompts & Transcripts (mp4 & txt)
    (transcripts coming Aug.14th)
  • 10 Challenge Graphics (jpg)
  • Salespage Copy (word)
  • Salespage Images (jpg)
  • Rights to sell the challenge as is or edit it, rebrand it and sell it as your own.

Buy Now for Only $47

Skip the tough step of figuring out what to sell and save yourself tons of time with this pre-created, done for you challenge!

I'm so excited to offer this to you and can't wait to see how you use it. ​

Talk soon,
Angela Wills
Laptop Lifestyle Business Club​

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, Angela Wills, directly at or instant message me on Facebook.