Small But Mighty: Running Real, Profitable Businesses From Home

Ok, it’s time.

It’s time you got serious, very serious about your business.

It’s time to stop being distracted and allowing other people to decide what you’ll do with that time.

It’s time to do the things you need to do to grow into the business you are dreaming of.

So let’s get right to it.

  1. Know What You Sell – I don’t mean just kinda know. I mean KNOW what you sell. Every service, every product and every detail about those. I’m guilty of not having a full grasp on my current offering and not having it down so I can EASILY make an offer when the moment arises. You want to STUDY your own products, seriously, so you can tell people why they’re awesome and why they should buy them.
  2. SELL – Yes you must sell. This can’t be ignored or avoided. You must either sell or find someone to do it for you. It can’t be done “later”. Stop Stalling! SELL EVERY SINGLE DAY. This is hard for many. I was listening to a podcast by a multi-seven-figure business owner who says he doesn’t like selling. If he isn’t doing it, you can bet someone is! If you’re in business you must be making offers. Either get used to that or go ahead and hire someone OR get affiliates selling for you.
  3. Organize & Plan – Are your computer files a mess? Can you find the logins you need? Get organized and create systems for your business. The more things you can do that you can use checklists and a repeatable process, the faster you’ll be able to get that off your plate. Keep it simple to start and grow from there.
  4. Automate, Delegate or Stop Doing Things – Word of warning: Do not use this step as an excuse to delay! For example “I need to wait because my autoresponder isn’t set up with 60 messages yet”. Do it as you go and continue to work on it as needed.
  5. Be Confident – This is NOT negotiable. If you don’t believe in you, how can you possibly convince anyone else to do so and then spend money with you.
  6. Never, Ever, Ever Stop – You’ll think about quitting, you’ll flit with getting a job, you’ll think about an entirely new path. It’s normal. Persist! Insist on Success! Don’t “try”. Don’t “see what happens”. MAKE it happen.

Now you know what I’m going to say, next, right? Joining the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club is a smart move because you’re going to get the support you need as you grow your business. Our topic Earn More, Work Less is the perfect compliment to this message. 

If you’re looking at the list above and thinking it’s going to be so much work, think again! There are ways to work so much smarter. If you’re already feeling overworked and overwhelmed then you NEED this challenge.

One of the most prevalent misconceptions about business is that you have to work HARDER to make more money. We’re going to do the exact opposite, we’re going to work SMARTER and LESS.

Sign up here! 

Talk soon,

Angela Wills

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