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All challenges below have been tested with my market, given to my private membership club, and given the green light. People loved them, used them and got results with them.

Now YOU can use them for your business. I've made it easy for you by including complete private label content rights to the challenges. That means you can take each challenge and make it your own. You can sell them, give them away, add them to your own membership site and more. 

Each challenge includes a Challenge Prep Sheet, 10 Day Fast-Action Action Plan, 10 Challenge Prompts + Transcripts, 10 Challenge Graphics, Salespage Copy & Salespage Graphics!

Talk about easy challenge setup!

People LOVE challenges. Grab these now before they're retired forever. See below! 

Angela Wills

Small Wins Big Business Challenge 

Creating success online IS CHALLENGING! It can feel frustrating, infuriating, annoying and you can feel alone in your efforts. It can also seem like just too big of a hill to climb!

This is why a small wins challenge is the PERFECT way to get you motivated, inspired, taking action and feeling amazing!

Our state of mind 100% percent affects our actions and it is my goal with this challenge to show you that massive tasks do not have to be done in order to build BIG business.

No massive launches, huge writing projects or major team efforts here. Those can come later. What you need right now are Small Wins that result in Big Business. That is exactly what we're focused on in this month's Small Wins, Big Business Challenge!


Business Graphics Boost Challenge

Creating graphics for your business is an essential part of everyday marketing.

Thankfully there are many incredible tools and templates that make it EASY to create professional-looking graphics for your small business.

We're not talking about turning you, the business owner, into a graphic designer. It's about you taking what's already available and making a few tweaks to make it your own. THEN using it to grow your business!

In the Business Graphics BOOST Challenge, you'll get simple, fast and effective business graphics tasks to complete, giving your business a BOOST of attention, authority and marketing umph!


Fast Content Creation Challenge

People are looking for great content. People are waiting to hire services until they know, like and trust you. People are seeking advice.

And they are looking for that help, info and advice in CONTENT.

Written, audio, video, social posts, etc. The format isn't really as important as the VALUE you provide.

The fast content creation challenge is all about getting your expertise out there, far and wide, so that it can be seen and shared, consumed and appreciated! Most of all you need to use content to DRIVE traffic, leads and sales.

This challenge will lead you down the path to profitable content creation. Let's get started! 


Create Your Perfect Opt-In Offer Challenge

You already know you need to create great offers and you know if you create your PERFECT offer you're going to attract your DREAM CUSTOMERS.

I know it, too. 😉 ... that's why I sat down and created a challenge you can do NOW, EASILY to get this going!

The challenge is broken into daily action tasks, ZERO FLUFF. It's a little different from the others as each daily action task should be done in order to get the most benefit from each challenge, they build on each other.

You just follow the steps on the daily and you get closer to attracting the most awesome people you've ever met into your business!


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