Simple & Free Marketing Tactic that Works…

There’s a simple tactic I use in my marketing, all of my marketing.

You can’t buy it. You can’t fake it (at least not very well). You won’t find it in ANY product anywhere. And I”m going to tell you what it is for free, right now.

The tactic is called: CARING

Yep. I care.

I WANT to have a conversation with my people.
I WANT to see you succeed.
I WANT to hear from you.

I will never treat you like a dollar dollar bill and just pump out stuff to make money. I will ALWAYS consider my people and their best interest.

Will that make me less money than the guys and gals who look at money FIRST? Maybe, but it will make me happy and that matters so much more to me. Now that said it is my responsibility to exemplify and teach you how to actually make money, create profit and build a business and for that I’ll never apologize, either.

I’ve heard about marketers who laugh about people snapping up products and never use them. Do you know how many people ACTUALLY USE the products they buy from marketers? The portion is so low that many people push crap products out to the market so they can make money, knowing that money is what matters and not the FEW refunds they’ll get from the very few people who actually realize they just bought crap.

And that’s why when I create a product I am NOT ok with it not being good enough! It’s also why I’ve decided to make my new training courses, starting with Natural Email Marketer, a sort of “living product” model. That means you’re not buying something I’m slapping 10 hours to and then moving on forever, good or not. No… you’re buying a product I’m dedicating to YOU USING and figuring out the best learning and implementation experience for YOU.

I had this down to a T years ago when I taught people how to create WordPress websites. I don’t do that anymore but I’m playing with the course model I used then (on-demand, easy to consume videos) and I’ll be adding live Q&A sessions every so often, plus I have the support of the Facebook groups for my programs anytime you need them.

If you wonder why I care, it’s also for reasons that make me happy:

1. When I get emails from people that a little product I released years ago changed their life, that is better than any money I could get.

2. I truly believe that the more people that are out their having freedom in their lives, controlling their own calendars, the better our world will be. I have always wanted to make a difference in the world and I believe my work can do that. It is, after all, people that make up our society and when you work in a job you hate that pays very little it’s HARD to be happy because you’re focused on survival over happiness. I’ve been there!

With that said, I’m raising the price of Natural Email Marketer on Friday, tomorrow. You can buy it now for only $167 (with coupon code: QUICK-NEM) OR you can buy it later for $297.

Email marketing IS a conversation.

It’s me sharing what I know, what I’m doing, what I feel and who I am. I know people care about that because they want to know who it is they’re buying from and why they should do so.

And if you need a reminder of that here’s me:

I’m a mom of Hayden and Ella. I work from my kitchen table about three days a week and then a bit in between (right now Ella is coloring beside me patiently while I write this one email then I’ll be off for the day). I’m a very proud entrepreneur who’s helped thousands of people work to achieve their own lifestyle freedom. I’ve been doing this since 2007 when I quit my dead-end factory job to work from home as a single mom as a Virtual Assistant. NOW I run the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club, an amazing community of people who have or want to have a laptop lifestyle and I really and truly LOVE what I do.

I intend to teach you how to do the same, or some version of YOUR laptop lifestyle. You can start by joining my club, if that fits better, and then grab the course for 50% off (so you’ll get it for $98.50 instead of the $167) OR just get the course for now if that works better for you. Either way, let me know how I can help YOU!

By the way, when you hit reply with a question or a comment or just to say HI I will personally reply, for real. Try it! 😉

Angela Wills,

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