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I’m the kind of person who gets bored easily. I enjoy change. I crave challenge. I love to try new things and meet new people. I love to learn new things. I love to start projects.

These are all great qualities for an entrepreneur and they’re also terrible qualities for an entrepreneur, if you’re not careful.

You see even if you have a great business going right now, if you’re like me you’re likely to get bored. You might be tired of doing the same things, you might get sick of the ‘process’ that works for you and is even making you good money. So you decide you’re going to start a side business, hire a new coach, create a new product, etc… That can be smart or it can be really, really dumb. It all depends on how you approach it.

Stay Focused & Keep Clear of Distractions… Or Don’t

The typical advice is to ‘stay focused’ and ‘keep your eye on the ball’ and ‘don’t get distracted’. This is GREAT advice and I’ve tried, believe me when I say I’ve tried. The thing is no matter how many times I hear that I shouldn’t start things that are off-goal for me and how many ways I try to avoid distractions I still get sidetracked. After years of trying to ‘do what they say’ I decided I just don’t want to! It’s my business and I’ll do what I wanna, as long as what I want brings me profits or contributes to my business there’s no reason not to.


There was a time in my business when new projects were pure distractions, taking me away from my goals and wasting time and money. Those were NOT the kind of shiny objects I’m suggesting are OK.

Maybe this sounds like you, too?

Maybe you start new projects even though you know you shouldn’t?

Maybe you’ve created a new website before you even know what’s going on?

Maybe you’ve bought a new course before you thought about how it’s going to help your business?

What If You Gave Yourself Permission to Chase Shiny Objects?

What if, instead of feeling guilty and bad and wrong about chasing shiny objects you felt confident in your distraction? What if you welcomed distractions, new projects, new ideas and input to your business and your creativity? What if a new shiny object could feed your soul in a way that it helped your main business goal in so many beneficial ways it would silly NOT to chase that shiny object?

How does that sound? You’ll never have to fight your natural instincts for something new and exciting if you find a way to make it WORK for your business. We don’t always end up where we started as a business is an ever-evolving thing so why box yourself into only one way of doing things. Growth is almost always a good thing, IF you use it to your advantage!

So… How Do You Chase Shiny Things & Grow Your Business, too?

  • Get Motivated ->> If you can be motivated to grow your business, you can say YES.
  • Get Inspired ->> If you can be inspired to move to higher heights, you can say YES.
  • Get Educated ->> If you can be educated to become ‘unstuck’ and move ahead, you can say YES.
  • Get Trained ->> If you can be trained on a topic that you can charge others to train, too, you can say YES.
  • Get Experience ->> If you can get experience you can use to provide a service to others, you can say YES.
  • Get Leverage ->> If you can get leverage that helps you move your business faster, you can say YES.
  • Get Profits ->> If you can create something that you can sell later, you can say YES.
  • Get Happy ->> If you can do something that makes you happy and it doesn’t interfere with anything else, you can say YES.

There are plenty of opportunities out there for you if you know how to look for them and you know when to say YES and when to say NO.

Introducing Shiny Object Success!..

Learn How to Turn Your Compulsion for Change Into Business Profits

Who It’s For:
I’ve created a program just for you.

This is for you if you ever want to waste another dollar in your business.
This is for you if you never want to waste time working on projects you have no “business” working on.

What You Get:

It’s tricky creating a program about not getting distracted without actually distracting you from your current work. So what I’ve decided to do is make this EASY. We’re going to meet live, twice, for group training and coaching. For those who can’t make it they’ll be a recording (video), an audio that you can listen to on the go and a transcription.

My goal is for you to consume this information, fast, without getting consumed BY IT. My goal for you is to take what you get in this course and use it to move forward laser-focused on your goals and things to achieve!

  • Live Coaching Webinars on Wednesday, April 22nd & 28th at 9pm ET.
  • Coaching Webinar Recordings (Video AND Audio).
  • Transcription of Training (for those who prefer to read them).
  • Lifetime access to course updates and additional webinars.

Training Topics Include:

  • Shiny Object Syndrome versus Shiny Object Success – The Philosophy & Mindset
  • Determine Your Major Goals in Business & Life
  • The SOS Filter – How to Determine If You Should Say YES
  • Shiny Objects Explored & Ideas For When You Get Bored
  • Shiny Tactic 1 – Learn Something, Then Teach It
  • Shiny Tactic 2 – Learn Something, Then Sell Services For It
  • Shiny Tactic 3 – Build Something, Then Sell It
  • Really Understanding ROI & Your Money

Cure Your Shiny Object Syndrome For Good!


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