You Think Selling Online is Hard? This was harder…

When my son was a few years old I was desperately searching for a way to work from home so I could be a combo stay at home/work at home mom.

I bought RESP’s for Hayden as my mom had done for me as a baby and the lady who sold them to me told me about the business side of it and how you could make really good money.

So I signed up to sell them. And it was one of the worst “selling” experiences ever. The way you made sales was to go to fairs and shows where kids would be, make free animal balloons for the kids and talk the parents into a signing up for a free draw.

The parents that signed up you later had to CALL on the phone to talk them into an in-person meeting in their home. Then I had to SHOW UP at their door, with my whole talk about why they should buy our RESP package and sell them.

Face to face at their kitchen table. That’s how badly I wanted my own business and income.

Picture yourself doing that for a minute? Would you? Would you want to create your own income (ie. no boss) badly enough to do that?

Good news is now you don’t have to, though. Back then I don’t even think there was Facebook, or it was just getting started with Zuckerburg and his friends.

Last year I got invited to a Facebook party via private message for Jamberry. I thought it was interesting as I’d never been to one. And so I went. It was so cool! Fun games, interaction and a cool product. Of course as someone who’s tried MANY businesses since that RESP one I was watching how it was run from a business perspective, too.

So then this year I came across LipSense. I hadn’t worn lipstick in about 10 years or more. I didn’t really care to wear lipstick (or so I thought) but I became fascinated with the idea that it does not come off.

A few months later I’ve easily sold four figures worth of lipstick and have a team of three people and growing.

There was no standing in a booth, making sales calls or doing in-person sales presentations. Just a strategic Facebook party of posting and having fun.

While I’d never, ever want to do that whole business model EVER again I think it’s pretty awesome to have the kind of perspective I have. Calling someone up and convincing them to meet in person is not easy, and it doesn’t FEEL GOOD to do.  I’m so very passionate about helping people start a business…. be it in SeneGence (the LipSense company) or as a solopreneur (people who I support in my business club).

I’ve been working at home for 10 years now… a real livable, income (not just extra income) and I did it because I tried things, was willing to do what it took and I never stopped looking for the right thing for me.

If you’re desperately seeking a way to stay at home with your kids and you’re willing to do what it takes I can tell you without a doubt it’s so much more fun and easier to find a match with the internet than it was when I got started. And it’s so very possible.

Of course… I’d love to tell you about how to start a business with SeneGence if you’re interested, too. No animal balloon making skills required! 😉







p.s. If this message has inspired you and motivated you to be READY to sell or up your online sales game then we should talk! Hit reply on this email and tell me how we should proceed: Laptop Lifestyle Business Club or SeneGence (LipSense) Team Member info! I’m super passionate about both and I’d love to have a personal chat with you about either if you’re curious and/or interested. Talk soon. MWAH!

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