Can Selling be an Act of Service?

I asked a fairly innocent question in the LLBC yesterday:

“Am I the only weirdo who actually READS a salespage before buying something? Top to bottom?

I got some people who also read but also a lot of “I’m a skimmer” answers. When I dug a little deeper I gotta say I was kinda shocked by the answers!

Many of the members don’t like salespages, that part doesn’t surprise me as I know this. Further to that some people think they are manipulative by nature, because of the techniques that are taught to business owners.

I have to say, it stung! It was also very surprising because why would you consider buying and skimming the page to MAYBE buy, if you don’t even trust the seller? There’s no need for that! I can assure you there are honest sellers with true intentions out there and I just happen to be one. 

I write a LOT of salespage. 

And not a single solitary time did any training I’ve ever taken on salespage techniques did I get the idea that I need to make people believe something that’s not true. 

Not a single time did I ever want to use their emotions to make people buy something they didn’t need.
Not a single time did I ever feel it was important to trick someone into spending money on my stuff.

I know my heart! I know my INTENTIONS! I know my stuff is good! 

Yes, there are tricksters, there are charletons, there are straight out liers. I’m not one. I WANT your testimonials back on how my products have changed your lives and that will not happen, you will not get so far as ever READING or USING my stuff if you are buying out of being manipulated. 

So I sell. I sell proudly. I sell out of obligation and DUTY to help more moms like me to stay home with their kids if they want to (like I did), I sell to help more women get out of a job they hate (like I did), I help more business owners get AWAY from the monster of a time-sucking business they they’ve created (like I did). 

I DO NOT sell to trick you into buying something so I can sit back and count my cash. 

That’s why I write, read and suggest YOU read salespages.
That’s why I SELL, every single day and many times a day. 

So to answer my own question: YES, selling can and SHOULD be an act of service to your people! You should sell because people pay the most attention to the stuff they INVEST in and, other than time, money is the second most valuable thing they have. 

Did you get that? If you are already getting people’s time like I have yours right now, you have already gotten them to invest the most precious thing they have with YOU and so you have already sold to them, now it’s time to deliver further and help them get a return on that time!

Selling isn’t a once a week thing. When it’s your mission to help people you just do it all the time. When you have a pure heart intention to help people you don’t worry one bit about the people it won’t reach, you worry 1000% about the people you can help!

I hope you do that. And I can help you, truly. I wrote a challenge called the Daily Moneymaker Challenge and every day for 10 Days you’re going to take an action step to take that can get you results. And yes by profits I mean earn more money and yes it is totally ethical be paid fairly for doing great work for your peeps! 

I’ve had members of my club take this challenge and they’ve said this:

The Daily Moneymaker Challenge is on sale this weekend, along with two others, all only $17:

Daily Moneymaker Challenge
Work Less, Earn More Challenge
Emails that CLICK Challenge

To your SUCCESS… I truly want and wish that for you and am here for you in any way I can serve you in that mission. 

Angela Wills,

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