Self-Care is Not Optional and We Are The Worst!

Online marketers are the worst for letting things slip and not taking proper care of ourselves.

From drinking water, to fitness, to eating properly, to just standing up from the frigging computer or leaving the g-d house! It’s time to turn this shit around…isn’t it?

When I think of all the years I spent INTENSELY focused on making money online, building a business, growing an income I shake my head at the old me.

The old me didn’t get that hours upon hours on the computer did NOT equate to more money.

The old me didn’t get that working harder did not equate to more money.

The old me didn’t get that working all hours of the night, ignoring self-care, proper nutrition and keeping the house in great shape would not equate to more money.

NO… I was working from a completely FLAWED model and idea of “hustle”. I thought I could be a success now and worry about fixing up that stuff later. I thought if I just keep pushing HARD I’ll break through and then when I do I’ll have the money, the time and the energy to take of me and mine.

Oh man oh man that is just so freaking backwards it’s almost forwards…

Plus, I was so busy working I wouldn’t take time to PLAN. I wouldn’t sit down and figure out the emails I was going to write that month, the courses I was going to create for the next three months, the money I was going to make and HOW (ie. 10 productX times $10 each – $100) I was going to make that money!

Nope I was too BUSY wasting time, wasting effort, wasting energy and not doing the right things!

It’s EASY to get caught up in the hype.
It’s EASY to say you’re doing something by creating a facebook group and posting in it all the time (with no monetization plan).
It’s EASY to go post quickie links to your site in a dozen facebook groups and sit back and wait.
It’s EASY to ignore email marketing and growing the emails on your list.
It’s EASY to say you can’t sell and not even really bother to TRY (like, did you make at least 5-10 OFFERS TODAY? NO… then don’t even say you cant’s sell.. ever… until you do that for a MONTH and then see no results).

It’s also EASY to say it doesn’t work when it inevitably doesn’t and then feel frustrated and wonder if this is even for you.

But what’s also easy is to do the right things… it’s just not the initial, natural choice for some reason.

When I’m EXCITED about what’s coming up it’s EASY and FUN to create.

I had so much fun creating the training of the month in my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club this month. I had fun planning out my emails because I know it’s stuff I want to share with my peeps. I am going to find it EASY to come up with some fun, new coaching programs that I think are going to surprise you and blow your mind, too (this will be a new direction for me and I think you’re going to love it).

Don’t waste time.
Don’t skip planning.
Don’t blame anyone.
Don’t give up.
Don’t forget YOU.

Self-care is important!
Nutrition is important!
Moving your body is important!

They can’t be skipped while you build a successful business. THEY are also ingredients for your successful business. You need to take care of yourself so you have confidence and feel proud of you, you need nutrition to fuel the very vehicle driving you to succeed and you need that vehicle (YOUR BODY) to be in GOOD SHAPE so it doesn’t break down while you’re smack dab in the middle of a very important journey!

And you really need support! I NEVER would have got where I am today without the incredible friends and business BFF’s who’s motivated, inspired and supported me along the way.

It’s what I’ve created for my peeps in the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. It’s a group where you will get inspired, you will be motivated, you will be challenged (literally), you will be held accountable and you will get your questions answered, ALWAYS.

The group is for you if you are a beginner with a start-up business (idea already formed), an intermediate marketer or even an advanced who wants to break through to a new level! We’ve got your back in the club.

I would LOVE to welcome you just as much as I know you’re going to LOVE joining us!

Here’s where you go: http://LaptopLifestyleBusiness.Club

xo ♥ Angela Wills


p.s. You are going to LOVE what I have coming up in the club that helps you take better care of yourself, get your mind in order and create PASSIVE income so you can just live life and grow your business all on your terms, all the time! I can’t wait to tell you about it (soon) but best thing to do is get signed up now because I promise you it’s going to ROCK.

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