Sales Self-Sabotage You Need to Stop and How

Are you working away, doing things you think are fun and EXPECTING that one day, it will pay off?

I totally GET IT.

I mean I did the same thing when I was trying to figure my way to profit years ago.

And I was STUBBORN about the idea that I just had to keep it up, do the things other people said worked, keep at it, be determined and all that and it would FINALLY just start to “click” one day.

I mean super I was super stubborn.
I mean write 400 blog posts without earning a thing for them stubborn!
I mean write 200 articles and submit them to Ezine Articles without results stubborn!
I mean read, learn and “train” for hundreds of hours because I wasn’t “ready” kind of stubborn!

Yes… I’ve been there.

And while you might not consider yourself stubborn right now it’s possible you are, or it’s possible you have a few other things going on that are stopping you from getting STRAIGHT to the money tasks:

  1. You might WISH it were easy. Yes, easy is good. Yes, people want easy. Look I won’t shame you for wanting it to be easy. I too WISH I could work five hours a week and make six figures, or better yet how about no hours? BUT… it’s really not that easy. It’s work. It’s putting in the hours. It’s hard AND it’s easy (confusing or what) but you’ll never get to the easy, or fun unless you truly commit to doing WHATEVER it takes, not just what you WISH it would take. The amazing news is you can do a hell of a lot more with a hell of a lot less if you want. For example I work part-time hours in my business while being a part-time stay at home mom and earning a full-time or better income, but the work needs to happen first.
  2. You might be afraid to sell. A lot of people think if they say “buy this here”, “I’ve got this awesome product for sale”, “time is running out to grab this offer” or anything along the lines of Hey! Buy my stuff! that they are a sleazy salesperson. Look you MUST be willing to sell if you want in this business, period. You HAVE TO get over this. You HAVE TO believe in you enough to convince others to believe in you, too. Matter of fact you have to think you’re pretty damn awesome! Can you do this? You can, I KNOW you can but it absolutely will not happen by accident.
  3. You might be a determined stubborn. Yes, you might be. You might be trying to do something that’s not working yet you heard you must be determined so you keep trying, being diligently determined as you’ve been told to do, yet it’s not working long time! Be determined. Be stubborn. But also be profitable. Know when to put your head down and work. Know when to quit. You might believe in doing or selling something so much that you’re willing to go YEARS without seeing anything happen with it. And yes this has worked for some incredibly determined people throughout history but for now… do you have bills to pay? If so you need to find something that works and works fast. If you’re still determined to do or sell that other thing then, by all means, keep trying, but don’t dig yourself a business grave while doing so!

So these are some of the main things I see holding people back.

If you don’t know what to sell, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you regularly trying new methods, thinking of new ways to reach people, testing new wording on things your selling?
  2. Are you making offers, real offers with real calls to action like “click here to buy it now”?
  3. Are you making regular effort to BUILD your email list and social media following?

If the answer is not a huge resounding YES to all three of those things then that is exactly how you start figuring out what will sell.

The focus needs to not be on “this one amazing program I’m going to sell” and more on being in service of your customers every day in any way that best suits them.

I’ll take this further and tell you WHY that works:

  1. If you are regularly trying new things some things will stand out to be more effective. That’s just the way it is. If you’re blogging right now and no one is responding then you need to try emailing your list, even if it’s TINY and see if you can get a response there. Or email your blog posts to your list. Or post your blog post on social media.
  2. If you’re getting people seeing your stuff, but you’re not making DAILY offers, then you’re not in the business of creating profits. Your money task should be your number one priority each and every day. You need to ACTIVELY think of what you can do to make money, it won’t just be a by-product of creating good content or “getting out there”. People are not going to knock down your door once you’ve “made it” so please, please, please promote yourself!
  3. You must be building your list and your social media following. It’s really important to do that so you have actual live people to buy your stuff. If you don’t have interested people then you’re missing a very important piece of the business-building foundation.

So there you have it! There is no one answer. There is no easy answer. YET once you get rolling with this, get in the habit of look for profit points and doing money tasks everything else becomes a second priority and you literally will have more money task ideas than you can keep up with trying! Nothing is guaranteed, it’s all an experiment and you must be willing to do lots of attempts to see what works.

Need another idea?

Here’s one that worked for me so many times:

I created the most profit in my business the fastest when I started doing group coaching programs. It was my breakthrough moment. It was the point in my business when I figured out how to really leverage my time and make money based on my efforts, not on an hourly rate. I took my hourly rate from $45/hr to $150+ an hour with this method.

And how did I do it?

Did I prepare for months? Take a certification in coaching? Spend months creating my product?

Nope, Nope and Nope!

I simply wrote up something I thought people would like, sent it out to the channels available to me and I started getting sales of my flagship coaching program, within DAYS. Not weeks, months or years, DAYS.

Nothing was ready. Nothing was created. I just wrote and sold. I filled a need. People were ready to sign up.

You don’t have to take it THAT far.

You can start with small, easy-peasy money tasks because they really do add up and create your success.

Ever heard the saying: “If you think you’re too small to make a difference try going to bed with a mosquito.” ?!

Little tasks matter! That’s why I create challenges every single month with small, easy to accomplish tasks that usually take 30 minutes or less. Those thirty minutes can mean all the difference in your business between now and next year. Will you make the time and take the time?

Grab the Daily Moneymaker Challenge HERE.



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