Marketers Mojo Protege Program

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On a Daily Basis, I’ll Be Your ‘Person’. Ask Anything. Learn. Get Inspired. Take Action. Build a Real Business. Those are my goals for YOU in 2015!..   Are You Ready?

right-timeOther than enjoying the success I’ve achieved in my own business, there’s no greater thrill to me to see those I work with achieve all that they desire in their own business.

Over the years I’ve been privileged to play some small part of a number of people’s success. I’ve helped people learn to build their first website, launch an email list or create profit-pulling graphics for their business. I am very passionate about teaching people to use the tools and techniques of online marketing to create a great income and a freedom-based lifestyle.

Practicing What I Preach

The year before last I broke my ankle. A ‘bad break’ like that could ‘cripple’ some people financially (puns intended, hehe). It really didn’t have an effect on my own finances . In 2013 I made a total income of over $63,000, all through online sales of coaching programs, information products and affiliate marketing. That figure is a 30% plus increase over my income from 2012, which was a 30% increase over my income in 2011. That growth is steadily nudging me closer and closer to the six figure income goal I’ve set for myself. I know how to set and achieve the goals I want for myself and I love helping others do the same.



I’m in love with what I do. Not just because I enjoy the work (I really do), but because I have complete personal freedom to do whatever it is I want and enjoy with my business, my life, my day, my week, my year.

I get to attend all the school trips that I want without asking anyone’s permission.

I get to volunteer at the school or go shopping if I want.

I get to go throw the ball with my dog Shadow and give him the attention he deserves.

home-300x224I get to quit in the middle of the day if I don’t feel like working or if I have a headache (or if I just feel like taking a nap).

ella2weeks-300x225I get to take almost six months off from any significant amount of work to look after my new bundle of joy that joined our family in January and see only a small drop in income, then work the rest of the year at only 20% of my previous hours and STILL make the same amount of average monthly income I did last year. There’s no job in the world where you can cut your hours by 80% and they’ll pay you the same amount of money!

Oh yea and I even get to break my leg and recover while my business keeps running without having to worry about getting myself back to a JOB so I could pay the mortgage on this house we bought. Had I been in a job I think I’d be in a much less comfortable position in terms of income because of a literal ‘bad break’!

Tbroken-leg-300x225hese are the perks that make every single struggle worth it!

Don’t get me wrong I have to work, but it’s work on my OWN terms and I love that.

My goal is always to share what I know so that you can build a life you want that gives you the freedom you want. I don’t claim to know it all but I can say I know enough to make a nice living and a life that allowed me to buy my first house in 2012, to pay all my bills, to do some fun things and have a little extra for a rainy day. I’m not rich… YET, maybe one day but it’s most important to me to live life on my terms. I would LOVE to teach you what I know so you can achieve the same.

I LOVE what I do (did I mention that? 😉 ). It just totally makes my day when I get emails like this from clients making progress through my programs:


About the Marketer’s Mojo Protege Program

Notepad training conceptWhat I’d like to do is work with a very limited group of people for the rest of 2014 and the entire year of 2015, five to be exact. What I will do is work one on one with you to build a successful online business. You must be determined, you must be dedicated and you must be willing to invest in your business. I won’t ask you to invest a lot or often, but the occassional tool or resource will be required for you to experience the growth you’re looking for.

I will take a personal interest in your business. I will keep up with what you’re working on and watch your progression. My goal is to spot places where you can improve and help you learn for yourself where your profit points are and how to multiply them. It will be your responsibility to keep in contact with me and keep me updated, so I can see what you’re up to and offer my advice as you go! I’m really excited to get together with you and see your profits grow!

Let me explain what that means… I’d like to be your MENTOR. I don’t consider myself a Coach because I’m not going to tell you what to do. You need to come to the table with your own ideas. You need to self-motivate. You need to want it so bad you can TASTE IT! I don’t have that illusive ‘step by step’ to your success because I do not believe it exists. What I would LOVE to do is have you brainstorm with me, ask for my input on projects, get my ideas on how to market a product that YOU think will fit your market, help you find the best way to take fast-action and get fast-results. These are the things I’m good at. I’m not good at reassuring you that you’re in the ‘right’ business or selling the ‘right’ product. You need to find those things out for yourself but I’ll be by your side the entire way with the experience and skills of someone who’s made hundreds of thousands of dollars through the internet and has supported her growing family 100% with it for the last seven plus years.

Here’s what one of my Protege Clients said about my program:

20150115-IMG_9530“I’ve been a fan and customer of Angela’s for a long time. When I decided I needed more one-on-one help I immediately thought of her and just my luck she was offering her Protege Program. She has helped me with planning for my business and finances, starting an affiliate program, and getting through many technical issues. 

One of the things I love so much about her style is that she makes no judgments about what you do or don’t know and will never give you a off handed answer. She strives to fully understand your issue and leads you to a solution. 
I highly recommend Angela, without her guidance I would still be stuck and struggling trying to figure it all out.”
Samantha Angel,

What You Get:

Here’s what I’m prepared to offer you as a Mojo Protege:

1. All of the Marketers Mojo product line for 2015, FOREVER!

This is NEW: Pay in full for a year up front OR pay one year of payments and you’ll get every program ever created at Marketer’s Mojo from here on out, included. That’s a HUGE value as I offer multiple coaching programs per year worth from $127 to $397 EACH and I have a monthly membership for $67!! This is not an offer you’ll find everyday, so grab it now if you really want to be a long-time client of mine!

You’ll get them all, every year, as long as you complete full one year as a Protege Client.

This includes ALL the current group coaching programs and products:

Note: I’m about to up the price and limit enrollment to 25 for ALL my programs because I’m about to add back in four weeks of group coaching and personal email coaching for each! That means I’ve increased the VALUE for you as a Protege client because you get access to ALL these programs for one price.

  • Laptop Lifestyle Business Club
  • Website Design Mojo
  • Double Your Email List
  • Shiny Object Success
  • Email List Mojo
  • Graphics Mojo
  • Coaching Program Mojo
  • Affiliate Program Mojo
  • Affiliate Marketing Mojo
  • Make Your Website Sell
  • All NEW Products released in 2015!

You not only get those but every program I offer and my time and attention until December 31st, 2015!

*Please note the private, one on one coaching ends at the end of 2015 but you will need to continue your monthly Protege payments until you’ve paid for a full year if you’d like to have lifetime access to all my programs after that.*


This part alone has a total value of $1200+ if purchased separately.

Please Note: If you choose the monthly Protege Program option you only get lifetime access to all products after you’ve been in the program for a full year (12 payments). In the meantime, you’ll get monthly product access to ALL Mojo products as long as you’re in the program.

2. Email Mentoring when you need it. 

My regular email coaching is $125 per month so at twelve months that alone would cost you $1500. That doesn’t include the $1000+ in products you’ll be receiving!

If you were to hire me for the regular email coaching it isn’t nearly as intensive as this Protege Program will be for you. I’m going to be calling on YOU to see how you’re doing, see if you’re achieving your goals and prompt you along to do what it takes to make a great income online. I really want you to achieve results and I’ll put my heart into making sure you get what you need from me to make that happen for yourself!

3. Accelerated live Skype mentoring for 2015.

You’ll be getting fast access to me via instant text chat and live chat as needed (15 minute Skype calls) so that you can accelerate your results for the remainder of 2015.

You must be open to new ways of thinking about your business because I’m going to be open, honest and frank about what it is you need to do to get things going.

You can choose to have almost instant access to me through Skype text chats as I’m available. Yes I’ll be your marketer on call, on Skype, anytime you need help! I’ll make a promise to you to answer as soon as I can via text chat, as often as I can even if it’s on a weekend1 or an evening. For example just recently a Protege client Skype messaged me at 10pm because her site wasn’t working… I answered right away and helped her figure out what to do to get back in and reassure her it wasn’t as serious an issue as she suspected. Sometimes it’s a huge deal just to have someone to call on at times like that!

This will ensure when you get stuck you have an experienced marketer (13 years experienced) to call on to help you move forward, fast. This is what I call accelerated coaching. I’ll be your marketer on call!

4. Facebook Protege Client Private Group

This will be a small and intimate group of other Protege clients. I have to tell you I’ve been absolutely loving facebook lately for my training as it’s such a quick and easy way to send you information and training ‘on the fly’ as I think of it. If I see something I think will help your business, I’ll post it in the group. If you have a question you’d like input from a few people on, post it in the group! You’ll have the advantage of connecting with other small business owners who are serious about growing a full-time, successful online business.

A previous client of mine has steady work and recently blessed me with this message…

suzannah-mills“Angela, I am not really a VA anymore … just a couple steady clients with steady work so I don’t need to know a lot about how to grow a biz or market etc BUT

  • You inspire me!!!
  • I smile at your posts and enthusiasm and ideas and new configurations and constant offerings.
  • I love your ingenuity. your energy, your SUCCESS!!!
  • I am forever grateful that i learned WordPress and GIMP from you and every time I use them I say “thank you Angela” out loud … that also makes me smile!
  • I do have a few other biz ideas that maybe someday will lead me to do another website with some shopping features so maybe I will need to become a student of yours again.
  • In short, I like your emails.
  • I open some and not others but that works for me.”
    Suzannah Mills

What It Costs to Enter the Protege Program & What It Costs Not to…

Businesswoman draws success flow chart on whiteboardThis program comes at a cost and that cost is not cheap. If you add up everything I’ve listed above and purchased it separately, as many of my customers have, you’d be paying over $2500. Your price is only $147 per month for 10 months OR you can pay all at once for a savings at $1297.

I realize this isn’t a purchase to take lightly. Think about it carefully and decide if it’s for you.  However, I want you to also really think about what it’s going to cost you NOT to take me up on this offer. Will you be in the same spot by this time next year if there’s no one around to check in on you and push you to move further? Or will you join the Protege Program and take fast action towards results!? Will you earn $3000, $5000, $10,000 or more as a result of the efforts you put forth and the support you get from an experienced online business owner who knows exactly what it takes to earn an income online?

It’s something only you can decide.

You can struggle along for another year, chase shiny object after shiny object and spend $50 here, $100 there and $200 somewhere else. All these payments might not get you anywhere and by the end of the year you’ll be out hundreds if not thousands of dollars. I’ve seen it before and it happens ALL the time. So not only will you be wasting money buying stuff you don’t need, you’ll be wasting time not making money you could be making.

I want you to set a goal for yourself right now. Promise to work to make $700 in your first month in this program. Do that and you’ll be half way to making back your investment. BELIEVE you can do this because I know you can. Even if it takes you till the end of the year to make that $700 (which I don’t suspect it will if you focus), then you’ll have the skills to make the rest of this program back. You see what it takes to make $10 is the same as what it takes to make $100 and what it takes to make $1000 or $10,000. Once you learn how to do it you just keep doing it and your income will grow.

I’m So Excited for You!

Successful business woman with laptopIf you’re considering this offer then I really, truly am so excited for you! Having a profitable internet based business is truly a JOY that I wish to share with you. It’s the most empowering thing I’ve ever experienced to be truly in control of my life and my income. I have no boss and I really don’t believe I ever will again. I have the freedom to take time off when I want. I make money while I’m sleeping.

Most of all I have the choice and ability to do as I choose on a daily basis and that allows me to always do what makes my own heart happy. Today that’s making this limited offer to you! I’m taking just five people into this Protege Program so please be very serious with your registration.

Will You Decide and Determine to Change Your Life?

IMG_2273aThis can truly be a life changing decision for you and I hope it will be. Just know that I’m here to help, to guide and to offer my many years of proven results and experience with you but the action, gumption and determination to succeed is completely up to you. I can make no guarantees or results promises because it’s up to you to take action. What I can promise you is that it’s entirely possible, plausible and do-able to make a great full-time living from an online business and it really is as great as it sounds!

If you’re ready and only if you’re really serious please click the link below and make your payment to enter the 2015 Marketer’s Mojo Protege Program.

I simply can’t WAIT to get started with you!

Angela Wills, Marketer’s Mojo

Program Closed to New Clients Until Further Notice – We’re FULL! Get on the email list.

Just 5 Spots Available! Program registration closes April 30th May 19th or when the available spots are filled.

Time Left to Sign Up:
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NOTE: Please be sure you are ready for this program and it is right for you as there are NO REFUNDS on single or monthly payments. I can’t get back my digital products and my coaching time so it’s only fair I be paid for those. If you have any questions at all please email me and I’m happy to answer them or hop on Skype for a chat. Add me to Skype at angelawills2009.