Isn't it Time to Push Your Comfort Zone, 
Get Reliable Accountability & Valuable Advice to Grow Your Business?

Let's Explore if I'm the Right Coach to Help You Take Things to a Whole New Level in 2018

As you grow your business you're going to experience the same issues we all face...

It starts with the challenges of figuring out how to build an audience who cares about your message. It moves to gaining the confidence to market your business regularly.

Then it gets complicated with the need to create systems, hire contractors, avoid distractions ( just do the work ), maximize your conversions, provide great customer service and more! 

After more than ten years running an online business from home full-time I get it. 

Introducing: The Protege Program, 2018

  • One FULL YEAR of Personal Daily Coaching from me, Angela Wills (value $4764)
  • One FULL YEAR of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club membership(value $444/year)
  • Access to the upcoming Natural Course Coach group coaching program (value $497)
  • Access to the upcoming Natural Blogger group coaching program (value $497)
  • Access to the upcoming Natural Email Marketer group coaching program (value $497)
  • Access to the upcoming Natural Affiliate Marketer group coaching program (value $497)
  • JUST ADDED! One Four-Hour VIP Day (value $697)

That's a total value of $7893 if purchased separately (and yes, all of these things ARE available for purchase separately). I won't ask you to pay close to that... you'll pay thousands less! Keep reading... this is an incredible deal for the right person.

Personal Coaching includes a monthly coaching call and daily (Monday to Friday) coaching either through email or we will use a secret group that allows for file sharing, audio, video, etc. My clients have been really enjoying the provide group coaching! They say it's a great way to keep organized, have accountability and easily refer back (or search) as needed.

Here's What Coaching Will Do For You:

I'm a coaching client myself. I have two coaches (one strategy and one mindset) and I've been paying more than the cost of this offer for over a year and a half. Suffice to say I'm a big believer in coaching!

What I believe coaching does are a few things you just can't do for yourself, or by yourself:

  • Accountability to Get More Done - I used to send my coach daily emails of what I would do that day and report in when done. We change things up as needed and I'm currently doing more questions and a weekly income report (so we can spot challenges and opportunities). Now THAT is accountability and you can't do that alone. I'm happy to do any form of that with you, too! 

  • Honest Feedback to Spotlight Issues - Have you ever gone and asked a Facebook group or a bunch of friends for feedback on an offer? It's not likely you're getting real, raw advice because people hate to hurt other people's feelings. As your coach I don't want to hurt your feelings but I'm more concerned with giving you honest, useful, help-you-grow feedback than avoiding telling you something you need to hear. So, put on your big girl panties and let's get to work ;) 

  • Pushes Out of Your Comfort Zone to Experience Growth - There's nothing worse than being stuck in your own comfort zone, knowing it and knowing you're just not going to do anything about it because you don't feel pushed to. A coach can spot when you're hiding, hanging out and not pushing yourself when you could. And they'll push. I'll push you when you need it and you'll be glad for the opportunity to grow! 

  • Focused Attention on Your Business to Provide Valuable Advice- Getting all your training from books, courses and even coaching programs is not going to give you the kind of advice you'll get from someone who knows and understands your business. Because I spend a LOT of time talking to my coach, she knows me and my business well. When I get her advice it's not some cookie-cutter, uneducated guess she's offering me... she's using focused insight based on our conversations and her vast experience. I bring the same to my clients and that's why spending a year together is going to produce your best results.

What MY CLIENTS Are Saying

What do previous and current coaching clients think?

A few suggestions were made and I ended up running with a very simple idea, that has seen tremendous feedback in less than a week. It was something I was all ready adding into my packs, and then decided to create it as a stand alone product, and to make it extremely affordable.

I launched my Journal Prompts Program and we are currently at 150 members and it has been extremely well received. I am now working on a bigger membership offer that will be launched in January.Angela is easy to talk with and helps you brainstorm ideas, which is just what I needed in my business, especially with wanting to go in a new direction with an entire new website.

Sue Fleckenstein, Createful Journals

I am also feeling a lot more organized and focused in my business
I am also really loving my business lately

And I want you to know that I really do credit this to YOU!!

I am now using WordPress thanks to you
I am now promo​​​​​ting or pushing more in my pages and groups thanks to you
I am now starting to blog thanks to you
I am using AMember thanks to you
I entered my first affiliate contest thanks to you
I am using so many other programs that I was never using thanks to you

I have grown so much in the past year and I am very thankful to you!


Tammy Lorette, My VA Connection

What Makes Me Qualified to Coach You

  • I've made my full-time living from my own business, from home, online since 2007. ​

  • I started my first website in 1999, for fun! A little sheet of HTML from a college friend and a free account at Geocities and I launched my first page. It was soooo cool. 

  • I know how to build websites, do email marketing, get results from social media, create a following, create information products, work with affiliate partners, foster a community and so much more. Almost 20 years of experience puts me in a pretty unique perspective on much of that. 

  • Last year I made over $81,000. I share that so you know where I'm at and where I'm not. I'm not your "six figures in six months coach". I'm your "work her ass off working on business and mindset issues with an unbreakable determination until she succeeds coach". I like to consider myself the underdog. Even a family member told me she thought my life choices would have lead to me being broke and unable to support myself (OUCH). Not even close... And I'm not done yet ;)

  • I experience complete lifestyle business FREEDOM. That means I don't work with clients unless I want to. I'm taking just five coaching clients at a time and I am VERY PICKY about who I'm working with! But, that's not my business model. My main business model is a membership site and online courses... they create passive, recurring and active income for me in perfect harmony to live the lifestyle I love!

  • I'm patient, kind, understanding and a good person. I think that seems a little weird to put out there but I know how HARD it is to know who to trust. You can trust me. 
  • You're smart enough to know that coaching offers no guarantees but here's what I can promise you this:

    I'm ready to work with you as you create your Laptop Lifestyle.
    I'm ready to offer my advice, insight, feedback and brainstorming help.
    I'm ready to connect with you daily and be there when you need me. 

    I'm ready to coach you with patience, consideration and compassion as you grow the lifestyle business that lights your fire and fills you up... plus gives you complete lifestyle freedom that you desire.

    This is a client-led coaching offer. Meaning you will be showing up with FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your life and business. You know that the person responsible for your success is and will always be you. You know that a coach is a support person and a damn important part of your business, but it's all on you.

    I want to be clear on that because I've had people say to me "ok Angela work your magic" or "ok Angela I'm ready to hit a home run, just send me the pitch"... That's wrong.

    YOU are the star of this show.
    YOU are the captain of your ship.
    YOU are the home run pitcher. 

    And I'm so excited for you! I am FIRED UP to work with a few people on this and be by your side as you kick butt and take names in 2018!

    I'd love to be your coach. This is my official offer to you.

    Ok Angela!
    Tell Me The Price Because This Sounds Awesome...

    Oh! The price. You're probably wondering the cost. Let me recap what you get:

    • One FULL YEAR of Personal Daily Coaching from me, Angela Wills (value $4764)
    • One FULL YEAR of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club membership(value $444/year)
    • Access to the upcoming Natural Course Coach group coaching program (value $497)
    • Access to the upcoming Natural Blogger group coaching program (value $497)
    • Access to the upcoming Natural Email Marketer group coaching program (value $497)
    • Access to the upcoming Natural Affiliate Marketer group coaching program (value $497)
    • JUST ADDED! One Four-Hour VIP Day (value $697)

    That's a total of $7893 in value but you won't pay anywhere near that. What would it be worth to you to create JUST ONE successful online course based on my coaching and training? Surely one "successful" course could earn you at least $5,000 OR MORE. That's from ONE Piece of this package I'm offering you.

    OH and I don't know how I did this but in my previous mentions of my coaching I totally FORGOT to add that you get one four-hour VIP day (value $697), included! We could use that to make a massive dent in your online course creation or for any other purpose that suits you.

    Your cost is only $2997!

    PAYMENT OPTIONS:  You can pay in full OR there are two payment options available. Get it touch to discuss!

    This is the biggest offer I've EVER made. The biggest package. The biggest savings (you're saving $4896!). The biggest promise of support and by-your-side help.

    Here's What to do Next:

    Now I'm only going to work with a few people on this. I've got to assume that because you've read all the way to this spot that it's very likely you are a GREAT match for this year-long coaching offer.

    But let's make sure!


    One more note... requirements:

    There are a few things that will be a deal-breaker for this coaching. So let me give you that info now:

    • You must already have a solid business idea. Meaning you know what you have to offer a specific market and you've planted roots in that market to some degree. You don't have to have everything in place to work with me as your coach (like website, email list, etc) but you do have to know WHO you are going to serve and WHY. I'm not the coach for you if you're still at the "I don't know what I want to do, what my skills are and who I want to serve." stage.

    • You must be willing to reach out. This is client-lead coaching. That means you need to reach out to me for help. I'll check in on you, of course, but the onus is on you to tell me what you need and how I can help you.

    • You must be responsible for your actions. Just so it's super clear I'm not going to hand you any step by step plans or even tell you what to do. I read a great article recently about the best coach someone had asked the right questions... questions YOU have to answer yourself. Business is tough. I'm here to help you through it but trust me you are going to be the one going through it. It will be your work, your reward!

    Sound Amazing?... Click the button below to have Angela contact you to see if you're just the right fit for this program! 

    Talk soon!

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