Planning a Successful Business Photoshoot

For most people, stepping in front of the camera to do a business photo shoot is NOT the most comfy thing in the world, at all. You’ve likely been avoiding it until… (you get smaller, your skin looks better, your hairdresser gets it right, etc, etc). Trust me, I get it! I was waiting, too. Then I said to hell with it and went for a

You’ve likely been avoiding it until… (you get smaller, your skin looks better, your hairdresser gets it right, etc, etc).

Trust me, I get it! I was waiting, too. Then I said to hell with it and went for a photoshoot. I’ll admit, the first one was really uncomforable but the pics turned out GOOD. The second was PERFECT. And when I say perfect not as in I looked perfect. I mean it presented ME and MY business in a way that perfectly represented my brand, my message and ultimately… my purpose for being in business.

I’ve got some hella tips and techniques to share with you in this post to make you go from feeling frumpy and completely out of place (how I feel in shoot one) to heading to your photoshoot feeling like a “Supa-Star!”

So let’s get to it:

Tip #1: Know how to get your message across (and involve your photographer). 

In my first photoshoot I DID know my message but I didn’t know how to really tell it to people in photos. Also I didn’t know how to explain it to my photographer. She did SUCH a great job of those photos and I had a couple that I used for quite a while but I knew we could do better, much better.

Session two we KILLED it in getting the message across. See:

Now I have to give tons of credit to my TWO photographers Cathy Kirshner (of Cathy Kirshner Photography) and Jodie Cerovich for the amazing job they do! We took my message of the Laptop Lifestyle and business freedom and made it happen in pics. I LOVE these pics!

But now, I look like this:

So I figured it’s time to get some fresh photos which we are doing TODAY! I’ll have to update this post when we do and will likely have more tips.

Tip #2: Plan out specific poses.

My first photoshoot I was completely unprepared for what I wanted and we quickly looked up poses on our phones and went for it. The second photoshoot I knew different poses I wanted to happen and I had them written out. For this third one coming my photographers “get me” so well that they also looked up poses, scoured the area for places we can use and they understand both businesses I’m going to be promoting (one is the Laptop Lifestyle and the other is my LipSense Biz)

Tip #3: Bring Props and Plan For Different Outfits

I’m bringing Camera, Tablet, Laptop, Cell Phone (of course), my LipSense (of course).

I also have an AWESOME tank top (think… SHINY) that I will layer under an awesome shirt (because I don’t think there is anywhere to change. Then I’m bringing two cardigans AND a jean jacket. If I had multiple footwear I’d probably bring a change of shoes, too. I’m not much of a shoe shopper because of my giant size 11 feet it’s too hard, lol.

Also of course you can change jewelry, too.

Makeup even. Here’s a COOL TIP you can do if you have LipSense. I’m going to wear a light colour for a few photos and I’ll have two layers of that one. THEN, when I’m done with the lighter colour what I’ll do is layer a dark colour over that for entirely different look!

Tip #4: Just do it and BE CONFIDENT!

Confidence is a mindset. I am not and was not where I want to be shapewise for any of my photoshoots but from shoot one to shoot two the difference in confidence is massively clear! Now I’m coming into shoot three with even more confidence and I know that can’t be a bad thing. 😉

The whole reason to do this isn’t to be a MODEL for your business. NO… it’s to showcase YOU as a leader, as a person who wants to serve, as a business owner who trusts her market enough to let them SEE HER and in turn create huge trust with your audience.

I could go on and on about photoshoot. If you have any questions post them below or on social media. I consider them a pretty important part of my business because they present me and make me feel proud AND they give me a confidence boost as well so I can continue to put myself out there in bigger and better ways.

Talk soon!

p.s. Our business challenge in August is going to be Business Graphics BOOST and there WILL be a small part of the challenge focused on getting some photos of YOU for your business. Now it doesn’t have to be a full-out photoshoot and it can literally be a selfie but I don’t want to see anymore pics of ducks or dogs or cartoons as your profile pics, ok? 😉 (<<< said with love and concern for your market trust). Join us for the challenge and for the really incredible community right here.

p.p.s. Just so you know how awesome this community is… here is the post I made to them yesterday straight from my heart:

We talk lots of business too but we also love on each other because it’s sooo important to have that community support! See you in there?

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