45 Days left in 2017. Here’s my plan…

Including today there are 45 days left in 2017, I counted.

I’m taking this time (today) to ask myself:  “What Will You Do?”

I’ll be sharing my answer in detail on three live training workshops. See here:
Lifestyle Business Planning Workshop Bundle << Use coupon: letmein

I’ve already been working on my planning process and making it easier.
I’ve been talking with my coach about a signature program I’ll launch in the new year.
I’ve been working on my health with trips to the gym and my sugar-quitting ambitions.

But my biggest effort is this:

Planning my lifestyle – What do I want my life to look like?
Planning my income – What do I want to earn and what do I need to sell to make that happen?
Planning my actions – What do I need to do to earn an income that supports the lifestyle I want?

And that’s why I’ve created the Lifestyle Business Planning Workshop Bundle!
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You can sign up NOW, we start December 1st but if you want your best price you need to register before Monday.
Either that or join the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and get this as the December Bonus, no extra cost whatsoever.

As I mentioned, there are three key components to this planning for me and I’ve laid them all out in workshop format so WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER. During each workshop I’ll be giving you a mix of training on the why and advice on the how so you can leave each workshop having throught about what to do next and in some cases having part or all of your plans completed while you’re with me!

Here’s what I’m sharing with you in each workshop:

  1. The lifestyle you want  – What do you want your LIFE to look like? The Lifewheel Planning Workshop is for that.
  2. The income you want – What do you want to EARN and what do you need to SELL to make that happen? The Predict Your Business Profits Workshop is for that.
  3. The actions you’ll take – What do you need to DO to get my BEST SHOT at your incredible lifestyle plans? What needs to happen… and when. The Sticky Note Business Planning Workshop is for that.

So if you’re not a planner like me but know you NEED to make plans and DO THEM then I’ll share with you right now how I’m answering the “What Will I Do?” question for me.

Lifestyle Business Planning Workshop Bundle << Use coupon: letmein

1 – Sticky Note UNStuck

Tomorrow I’m taking three months of printed Google Calendars and doing the Sticky Note Unstuck planning I’ll be teaching you in the December workshop series.

2 – STRICT Weekly Planning

I want to kick this year right into 2018 and so I’m going to be very strict with my Sunday night plannings.

I’m so serious about it that I’m creating a series of printable planners that will be ready soon and I’ll be adding as a bonus to the workshops, which I’ve also decided to add to the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club in December for my members. I LOVE my club members and I just want to help them RAMP the new year in style and so I’ll be loading up the membership for the last month of the year.

Anyway… back to weekly planning. You can see my planner here a little bit…

One of my favorite parts of it is that it goes from 5am in the morning of that day to 12am. Sometimes I’m up early, sometimes I’m a night owl and my family life is hectic with a teen, a three year old and a night-shift working hubby that I have to grab working time ANY TIME I CAN.

3 – Working With My Coaches

There is nothing like having a support system that really gets you. My coaches Nicole Dean & Kelly McCausey are just the best. I’ve got a call with Nicole next week about my signature program coming up and to be honest with you I NEED to talk it out with someone because I’m getting that “this is too big in my head” fear that is stalling me in my tracks! I need to get past that and I’m positive between the two of them I’m going to and I’ll create a rocking, rocking program for the new year! I’ve loved working with my coaches so much that I’ve reopened my own coaching program and named it Coach in Your Corner. If you’re interested there are just three spots left (as of this writing) and one could be yours.

4 – Working on My Health & Fitness


I left my bootcamp I joined last year and now I’ve joined a local gym and I could not be happier with that decision! The gym has a child care area and so now I’m free to go anytime I want to. I love it as a daily mama-break, a daily personal development session (listening to books on my headphones while walking on the treadmill), a daily self-care opportunity (shower and makeup with zero interruptions, yay!) and of course a focus on my health and fitness!

As far as food goes… I struggle. But I’m about to quit sugar again. I just did an 8-day sugar-free stint but I can do better than that. Wish me luck!

 5 – Planning Out Promotions

I’ve already got dates on the calendar for some upcoming training and courses and I know what I want to promote this month so what I’m doing is using Basecamp to project manage and make to-do lists. I’ve created a daily topic list with my emails for my list, matter of fact today’s message is a result of taking time last night to fill out much of this promotional list. I knew, of course, today would be the day to talk about my Freedom Business Planning Workshops and how to CREATE YOUR MOST AMAZING 2018 on purpose.

6 – Focusing on ACTION, Not Results

It’s always good to remind yourself that you can not control the results of your actions. You can only control your actions. If I want more sales there are certain actions I need to take. I often talk about the daily money tasks and how important they are to do FIRST when you are working on your business. It’s even better if you can do multiple money tasks daily and I’m going to be focusing on this kind of action as often as possible.

So that’s what I’ve got in mind for the last month and a half of the year.

How about you? Are you planning or flying by the seat of your pants?

I know planning isn’t fun but I highly recommend you do it!

So get signed up for the workshops. You will NOT be dissapointed and you’ll be in GOOD COMPANY with so many awesome peeps who are ready to create an amazing year in 2018!

You have two options:
1) Buy the workshops for $67 with coupon code: letmein
2) Join the club and get them free. You can join for 50% off your first month with code: lifecantwait

There you go! You know accountability is probably the only way you’re going to REALLY take action on this. So join us. I’ll be adding a private group just for these workshops, too… so that will give you a group to work with the entire month of December and throughout the year, too! See you there. Sign up here! 



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