Branding Yourself Online: 5 Personal Branding Tips

I didn’t “get” branding for a long time. I didn’t want to be corporate and I didn’t want to be stuck into a mold and that’s what branding felt like it was about to me.

Then suddenly and pretty rapidly sometime last year things just clicked for me. I started getting branding ideas from all angles and created a brand marketing strategy that made sense to ME. I was sooo excited to see it come together and to finally understand the POWER of branding yourself online.

In this post I want to share with you some of the best personal branding tips I discovered in this process, in hopes that if you are a hot mess at branding like I was, you’ll come around. Or maybe you’re good at branding but need some new ideas… I think you’ll find that here, too!

Let’s go:

Personal Branding Tip #1: You HAVE TO Know Who You’re Talking To (aka Target Market)

In business we have to pick someone to sell to. If you’ve come into the business because of a passion then this is usually easy. If you’re a knitter who’s discovered the key to making a great income online in your passion-area and now want to teach others, you know your target market is other knitters like you. When you KNOW this group and really, truly understand their needs you can create a brand that will appeal to most of them. I imagine for knitters it would include a lot of color, a casual font and a textured background that feels cozy, like a sweater would 😉

Personal Branding Tip #2: You HAVE TO Know Yourself

What are you good at? Who can you help? Why are you in business to start with?

Knowing yourself, your motivations and what makes you the person to serve others is a huge part of creating a solid brand that people feel confident and comfortable with. People want to put their trust in you but first you have to know why they should do so. If you haven’t figured this out yet, take some time to really reflect on that.

Personal Branding Tip #3: Create a Brand Story

I’ll start with an example here:

In 2006 I was a single mom, working a dead-end, afternoon-shift job at a stinky factory. My son was in Kindergarten so by the time I got home, he was in bed. One day I was cleaning out the giant factory ovens and just crying that I would NOT be in this same situation again, I would quit my job and not look back.

I quit said job nine months later to become a Virtual Assistant and while I was THRILLED to work from home now, I quickly became overworked, overwhelmed and completely stressed out with the monster of a business I’d created in services.

So I vowed to find a better way. I started creating products and passive income. By 2012 I quit all client work and became a true Laptop Lifestyler and it is the most amazing feeling of freedom to do whatever you want, on your schedule and controlled by not one person… every. single. day.

That’s my story. It’s powerful. It’s part of my brand, my message, my motivation. It keeps me on target and connected to the right people.

Find your story. It’s in there.

Personal Branding Tip #4: Determine What Style You’ll Present

I think it’s important to note that your brand doesn’t happen by accident. Pick a style and go with it! I know, I know… if you’re like me you don’t LOVE being boxed into one thing because you like all the things. Yes, you can like all the things still, but if you want to be recognized in an instant you need to pick a signature style. This will set you out. The best thing to do is to STICK with this style for all your marketing and materials.

If you’re like me and love to change it up, then change it up on your personal life, not your business. This is a small sacrifice for the rewards of consistency of branding.

Personal Branding Tip #5: Decide What Values Are Important to You

People buy into PEOPLE. They want to know what you stand for.

You’ve heard the term: “People who stand for nothing will fall for anything.”

Your customers want you to stand for something because then they know that you’re not going anywhere, that you’re solid in your word or offers and that you will deliver based on what you hold in your highest value.

Like attracts like! They will find you based on your values and stay for the same.

So… what’s important to you and how can you share it in your personal brand? I’d love to hear your answer… let me know 🙂

When you decide to just get to work branding yourself online, you’re going to see the effects ripple in from all angles. That’s what happened for me:

  • I started to attract my perfect-match customers.
  • I started to uplevel the vibe and energy of my groups and following.
  • I started to see my own worth and start charging what I was worth, rather than what I hoped people would pay.

Now you’ve read these personal branding tips and that’s all well and good, but now it’s time to take ACTION. I’ve created an easy-to-follow, quick-to-do challenge called the Brand Yourself Challenge. Check it out and if you’re ready get signed up. I design my challenges for fast-action so you can get fast-results! Sign up here.

Angela Wills


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