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Hi… I’m Angela Wills. I call myself The Laptop Lifestyle Blogger.

I LOVE blogging! I love it so much I’d do it for free all day every day. I love connecting with people and helping them achieve their goals.

Problem is: I’ve got bills to pay and mouths to feed (literally) and I CAN’T work for free. Plus, I shouldn’t have to! And I don’t have to!

Neither do you. You don’t have to work for free. You also don’t have to work SO hard for SO little. Yes, you have to work hard to get ANYTHING amazing happening but making sure those efforts get you the most BANG for your TIME is so very important.

I’m so excited that Sue has invited me to host a live training webinar just for her peeps (YOU) so that we can talk about the following:

• From Freelancer to Freedompreneur: My Story
• Two Income Types to Transition Your Business Freedom (HINT: They’re passive & recurring 😉 ) .
Traps to Avoid So You Can Earn Faster.
• Practical Ideas & Applications So You Can Take Action TODAY.

A few days before the webinar I’ll also deliver you a follow-along guide, note keeper and action plan. This webinar is not a powerpoint, I’m not a big powerpoint girl so I’ll just be hoping on the webinar to talk to you and give you the info you need to grow. Sometimes you don’t need a lecture and you just need a conversation… you know? That’s what I’m here for. We will meet live on Friday, May 18th at 2pm ET.

IF this sounds pretty awesome to you and you’d love to join us live or grab the replay, I invite you to drop your name and email into the form below.

Just a little about me as we’ve possibly never met before:

In 2006 I was a single mom working a factory job and I started a Virtual Assistance business. In nine months I quit to work from home full time and I have not had a job since, ever! I’m very happily living the “Laptop Lifestyle”. I do what I want, when I want and work the projects and with the people I want to. I LOVE doing collaborations like this one with Sue to reach more people and teach more people how to create total business lifestyle freedom. I can not wait for the opportunity to share just a little of what I know with YOU.

Hope to see you on the call.

Angela Wills