The REAL Way to be “Passionate” About Your Business (& The One Where I Talk About Shoveling Horse Poop)

Pre-Amble: Before you get worried in any way that I won’t continue to be your fearless leader in the club, fear not! I LOVE the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and I have ZERO plans to be going anywhere for a very, very long time. You are safe, your yearly subscriptions are very safe and we are doing nothing but getting BETTER month over month. đŸ˜‰

Now on to my message:

About a year or so ago I considered quitting it all and becoming a Real Estate Agent.

Did you know that? Are you shocked? Did you think I was super passionate, die-hard, never leave the Laptop Lifestyle fanatical?

Maybe you did. Or MAYBE you know the thing I know…

Passion Fades.

We start hobbies, then we get bored.
We start relationships, then they get stale.
We build businesses, then we lose interest.

Look I don’t know one successful business person who hasn’t questioned if they still “want in” to the topic they are “passionate” about.

I was having this convo with a client of mine and I had to let her know that my REAL PASSION comes from somewhere else. Have a read and let me know what you think!…

Could it be a problem with defining the word passion? 

Look my excitement about marketing comes and goes. Just a year or so ago I wanted to quit and become a real estate agent. It’s whack!

What NEVER leaves me is the passion to create a lifestyle for my family.

  • I never stop wanting to be there for my kids.
  • I never stop wanting to never have to answer to a boss.
  • I never stop wanting to NOT have clients demanding my time.
  • I never stop wanting to work where ever I want.

I don’t REALLY care if I do that by selling LipSense or I sell the initial product I created of Handmade soaps or I don’t care if I do it through selling a membership.

But guess what? Real Estate Agent conflicts with one of my passions (no demands from clients) and so I had a temporary idea that I completely brushed aside once I remembered my TRUE PASSIONS.

The rewards are awesome. When you start serving people you get feedback, you get thanks, you sometimes do shitty work and sometimes amazing work. It’ “all comes out in the wash” as they say.

I feel like you’re looking for this perfect solution but if I would have kept doing that I’d never have made the million-ish changes I’ve made from 2007 until today.

You’ve got to just pick a thing.

It could be MLM, it could be coaching something (something you must LIKE and can get excited about SOMETHING), it could be ANYTHING.

I think you have to DIG DEEP to find the drive. You HAVE TO BE HUNGRY for this. If you keep saying “I don’t have the passion”… you are making it so. Our words have MASSIVE control over our actions and thoughts.

Passion doesn’t just APPEAR… you say to yourself… “OK I”M GOING TO GO AT THIS BECAUSE I WANT, NEED AND DESERVE THE RESULTS… I’M GOING TO GO AT IT WITH PASSION!!!!” YOU create your own passion.

Think of a kid shoveling poop at a horse barn. There’s no one in the world who would LOVE with a passion shoveling poop, but that kid… he could LOVE horses, he could love the farm, he could love the whole scene and he could shovel that poop with such passion that people NOTICE and they APPRECIATE HIS PASSION and so he goes from poop shoveler to barn keeper, to trainer, to owner eventually. Does he go into that barn and say “nope, no poop shoveling for me because I’m not passionate enough about that”? Nope. He does not.

That’s no one shop stop from here to passion, you’ve got to grow it, cultivate it.

I don’t want to tell you to jump ship from what you know and what you do but if YOU ARE WILLING TO BE HUNGRY FOR IT you CAN DO ANYTHING!

Passive income should be OUT of your head right now because I think it’s also tripping you up in the “this should be easy” game. It’s the reward of hella hard work and lots of shit coming you way. Be ready… be prepared for the roller coaster bullshit of it being HARD… because it is.

If after you know it’s hard (and I know you do know this), if after you know you need to just get the damn big girl panties on and BELIEVE YOU CAN DO THIS, if after you take EVERY SINGLE excuse off the table, if after you know the PASSION is in YOU and that business is going to throw you lots of stuff to deal with you STILL want to do this… then do it!

This is my biggest and best pep talk for you. There’s no reason in the world you can’t have what you want but you have to make that decision, be strong in your resolve (and flexible in your vision of how it happens) and just go for it.


p.s. If you’re ready to go for it I’d love for you to join ME in this journey. I am here to be your support, your kick-butt when you need it (I promise I’m usually much less kick-butt MOST of the time but sometimes it’s needed), your community leader, your trainer, your connector and your constant Laptop Lifestyle cheerleader. The one year club membership discount ENDS on January 1sts. You can sign up here, now, and be in the club ASAP. There’s no time like the present!

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