Product Launch Burnout: What I do now, instead…

In 2010 I started my first coaching program, Website Design Mojo. It was a hit right from the start.

I limited my courses to 25 sign ups and I was charging $297 each. That works out to $7425 each time I would run the program. It’s not massive money but for a single mom who quit a job paying $15/hr a few years before, it was pretty awesome.

I would run my courses every three months and I did that for quite a few years. In the months I ran my course, it was GREAT, but then, afterwards I had to still figure out how to make money on the in-between. I took on new clients for website designs, did some Virtual Assistant services still and played around with new products.

But it was exhausting to hustle in between and between the effort to run my programs and the push I needed to create new business in between I was getting very burnt out!

I knew I needed to do something.

Services were out. I didn’t want a long-term services business.
More programs were out. I wasn’t interested in running a program every month.

I decided to start a membership site. I started my first membership in 2011 but it took me until about 2014 to start making a consistent income that really helped the roller coaster of income. I wish I knew then what I know now about memberships. First off, they are not, not, not just “easy money” or even “quick money”. Yes memberships are awesome and the recurring money is JUST what I needed to get off the launch roller coaster but they take a lot of work and a lot of patience!

It’s taken me a number of years of working my way through a lot of changes until I got my membership in a position where it’s picking up speed, growing and able to provide me with the kind of regular monthly income I’ve been working towards.

I’m actually kind of kicking myself for not sharing this with you a LOT sooner. You see I talk all the time about the Laptop Lifestyle but you might be wondering what I’m doing to create my lifestyle, what my business model really is.

Well here it is, approximately. Here’s how I make my money:

Membership (the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club) ~ Approx. 75%
Coaching Programs (example: Natural Email Marketer) ~ Approx 25%

That’s about it! I do a little bit of other stuff like one on one coaching or selling some pure info-products occasionally but for the most part my income is made up of those two things. Oh and let’s not forget affiliate marketing! That’s a small part of my income at this point, not close to what I make from the two mentioned above but it is a very important part of my marketing plan and it’s a nice backup income or go-to when I need to earn some quick money without having to create anything myself.

I think it’s important you know because if you’re in the process of deciding if I’m the kind of person you’d like to learn from you probably want to know WHAT I do and HOW I do it. That’s the what, I’ll be digging a little more into the how in the next few weeks and a lot more into it when I launch my next coaching program (hint hint) ;).

Talk soon!
Angela Wills

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