Time Will Pass Anyway… You Should Go For It

I can’t believe it’s been almost 16 years since I decided to start my own business online and 11 years since I quit the factory job I had and never looked back.

My boss told me not to “burn my bridges” haha.
My co-worker thought I was going to go do “some amway scam” lol

Nobody in the “real world” had any idea how you make money online back then, back in 2007 when Facebook was barely even a website people had heard of (imagine)! I’ve learned so many lessons. I put a few of them in this impromptu video I did to celebrate 11 years of being 100% THE BOSS of my life. 🙂

Also, one year ago I invited a bunch of awesome friends to share what they do to create their Laptop Lifestyles. The videos are too great not to share again because it’s all very valid and very useful stuff.

Here they are:
In this video, I talk about how I have been able to work at home for the past 10 years, through my pregnancy and a broken ankle.

Because Life Can’t Wait Session #2 with Michelle Schoen

In this session, we cover:
1. Easy ways to get started with videos that grow your business.

2. Why it’s worth it to invest in Camtasia and a few easy ways to get started.

3. A way to make beautiful presentation videos with software you probably already own.

How Cleaning Out Your Content Can Turn Into Profits

How cleaning out some content – on a whim – lead Crissy to creating a very profitable side business.
Why done-for-you and pre-written content is HOT and keeps getting hotter.
Other ways to create income by cleaning out content (going back through blog posts to add optins, affiliate links, etc).

Speaker: Crissy Herron
Event hosted by Angela Wills

Doing What it Takes to Build a Profitable Online Business

How Connie transitioned from employee to entrepreneur.
Why writing plays such a huge part in her business.
How Connie learned to delegate and 10X her income and results.

Speaker: Connie Ragen Green
Event hosted by Angela Wills

Developing the Mindset of a Prolific, Productive and Results-Oriented Content Creator…without Working Yourself to Death

How can someone be a prolific content publisher and not work themselves to death?
What do you mean by results-oriented content?
How do you develop a system to publish content constantly?

Speaker: Alice Seba
Event hosted by Angela Wills

If there’s been any consistent message throughout this event so far it has EASILY been that you need content, lots and lots of content, to grow an online business.

And now you’re in luck because in the first session today we will be talking about how to easily create and get lots of content that your people will love.

It’s called PLR and if you haven’t heard of it yet you’ll want to pop in and watch this session, take notes and take action!

We discussed:

– Using PLR as a tool just like your autoresponder or shopping cart to help you leverage your assets and serve your audience.
– Save time, effort and money to grow engagement & traffic with PLR
– PLR can help you create awesome opt-ins and makes product creation a snap.
To Recieve Tracy And Susanne’s Free Gift Visit This Link: https://laptoplifestylebusiness.club/…

Speakers: Tracy Roberts & Susanne Myers

Event hosted by Angela Wills

I am a total Linked In snob. I admit to knowing almost nothing about how to use it, connect with people or find clients. But my guest for this session, Sarah Santacroce, she knows a whole lot about it and she’s spilling the beans.

In this session, we discuss:

– Why you absolutely need to use LinkedIn to get clients.
– How to get clients without being overly aggressive or pushy.
– The number one mistake most people make with their LinkedIn Profile (and what to do instead).

Speaker: Sarah Santacroce
Event hosted by Angela Wills

You are not the only one afraid to SELL.

So many people feel icky and not right when it comes to trying to take money for their products or services yet it is ESSENTIAL you do so in order to actual make money and run a business, right?

In this session, we discussed:

– What is an offer?
– We all want people to enjoy what we create, so why are we so uncomfortable making offers?
– How can we avoid that ‘I don’t want to be pushy’ feeling?

Speaker: Kelly McCausey
Event hosted by Angela Wills

Money coming in without any additional effort beyond the initial setup. Sounds like a dream, right? It can be. It also takes planning, work, and effort but the payoff is what helps many of make our laptop lifestyles possible.

In this session, we discuss:

– Who should consider adding passive income streams to their business.
– Why passive income?
– How to get started (and why “later” is never a good time).

Speaker: Nicole Dean
Event hosted by Angela Wills

In this session, we cover:

So many online entrepreneurs get overwhelmed with ideas and products, but in reality, what your customers want is a simple solution to their problem.

Simple Solution.
Simple Message.
Simple Communication.

Speaker: Lain Ehmann
Event hosted by Angela Wills

I hope you enjoyed these! If you have any questions at all about working from home just let me know… I’m here to help 🙂

Angela Wills

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