This is How I Want to Help You…

I think it’s been a while since I really shared what it is I do with you.

Here’s my “mission statement”:

I help women business owners use both active and passive online marketing methods to create true lifestyle and business freedom.

To me the Laptop Lifestyle isn’t about beaches and conferences (though I love those too), it’s about the day to day.

Like this week when I had two things come up to throw a wrench in my workday and I was able to just quickly adjust and move on… no bosses or begging or guilt involved!

Or like in between daycare days when I pop into the Mall with my Ella-girl to buy some Bath & Body works foamy soaps we love.

Or, it means I’ve been available for my son all these years from volunteering at his school in the early years to driving him to snowboard with his friends during March break.
I’m going to explain a bit more about the practical side of what I do for you today.

First, you have to know it’s on my heart to do this. I mean I REALLY care. Matter of fact I truly believe that the more people I can help do this online business thing, the better the world will be.

People who have real lifestyle freedom are happy freedom.

They make choices based out of joy and not a necessity, they are able to help more people, they’re not controlled by their jobs and instead they have complete control over their lives, activities, and happiness. How can that NOT make the world better? And how can I NOT feel incredible about having even the smallest part in having another person out there doing just that?

Practical Application of the Active & Passive Methods:

Ok so you know what I do, but how does that apply to YOUR Business? How do I actually help you?

I teach from where I’m at.

You may have read some of my posts or emails from last year where I shared in August that I hit my first $10k month. I am by no means a big guru or millionaire business owner. I think that makes me pretty unique in the fact that I KNOW where you are or where you’re about to go.

I’ve been 10 years in this business and by no stretch of the imagination am an overnight success. I am REAL, people tell me this all the time. I share from what I know, from where I’ve been and from where I’m going. I have had a few more $10k months since and right now am working towards a six figure income. It may not happen THIS YEAR, but it will happen and you can be sure I’ll be sharing every bit of important, inspring and motivating info about that that I have with you.

In a practical sense, that means you get this kind of info from me in my monthly Insider’s Reports, in my webinars, in my groups and more.

I create community.

In my Facebook group is where some magic happens. I’ve seen many of my member’s friend request other members to support each other, join each other’s business groups, share links and also become accountability partners.

I created this environment of support and caring and then my members just ran with it. I LOVE our facebook group and the many questions, comments, shares and inspiring posts that happen there.

I provide support, encouragement and motivation.

Sometimes you just need to know there’s someone in your corner. You can be SURE that’s me when you join my community. I don’t care how stubborn your mindset blocks are (mine were too), or how many “life things” get in your way (I had that happen until I figured a better way), or how many technology bits you’re feeling stuck on.

However, I DO care that you take action, that you put on your big girl panties and GET IT DONE and that you stay accountable to your actions. I care that you treat your business like a business, that you SEEK PROFITS and don’t flit around telling me you are “branding”, “building your website” or “getting ready” for the next six months, year or more!

I will support and gently push. Then I’ll push HARDER if you need it. Because I care about your feelings but I also know if you know my intention is pure then you’ll accept some “tough love” from me as well.

I want you to succeed. 100%. I NEVER believe my making money is more important that that and I absolutely believe I can create a thriving business and you can have huge success, all together in one harmonious, awesome bundle.

And that’s why I keep inviting you to join my club. I think it will be one of the most awesome things you ever do for your business if you let it be. If you sign up, take it in its full glory and use all the things I provide to you to grow your business.

I can’t wait to welcome you!
Talk soon,
Angela Wills

p.s. You can get my one-year membership to the VIP Level of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club for 40% off only until Friday at midnight. I think it’s absolutely worth the $97 per month but you’ll get it for ONLY $49 per month if you pay for the entire year at once.

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