A peek into my online business course creation

As I’m creating my newest online course, Natural Email Marketer, I’ve been doing things differently than most would and more of my clients would ASSUME so I thought I’d give you an inside peek into my process.

I will let you know that the IDEA for this course started last year. I thought up four online courses I wanted to teach and I even went as far as announcing that I would be doing a course on creating courses at the beginning of this year.

It never happened.

I backed out of creating Natural Course Creator and then I backed off doing ALL four courses. I decided to focus on my membership, the LLBC, and drop the courses at the time.

Well then I went to the beach house and Nicole told me she wished I hadn’t dropped the course. As we talked I realized how much I could share on the topic and the ideas for the course details started flowing.

When I got home, I got to work!

Here are the steps I took to create my course to the point it’s at right now:

  1. Wrote the Salespage: This page took me all of three hours to write! YES, that’s fast and yes that’s a record even for me. I say “even for me” because I write salespages fast, usually. If I’m inspired by something I just write, I just let it flow. I have salespage writing experience so I generally know all the right elements to add … things like Headlines, Bullet Points, Bolding, Breaking Up Text, etc. Later (the next day) I went back and created or found graphics and testimonials and then added those into the page as well. Here’s some of what it looks like (minus the lines that popped up in my screenshot):

    This is easily my favorite salespage to date! In January this year the members of the club did the Boost Your Brand Challenge. The branding I worked on at the end of last year was so important to my business and you’re really able to see how that pulled together in this salespage. It’s the first page where I had NO QUESTIONS about what kind of images I needed to use, I didn’t have to think about the fonts, I knew the backgrounds and colors. It made all that design stuff so easy I didn’t have to think about it.

    Now when I say I wrote the salespage FIRST, I really mean it. I didn’t do an outline first, I didn’t create ANY course content first, I opened up a page on my WordPress website and I started WRITING. Last year I had created a little report about this topic and so the outline I had for THAT report became the outline of my course, which I then expanded on. If I didn’t have that, I would have sat down to outline the course first and then wrote the salespage.

    It’s important to note that this course is EMPTY. The first couple of people in bought and got nothing. I know a lot of people would FROWN at my teaching this and others would FROWN at doing it.

    But, look, it’s the truth. It’s how I did it. When people signed up I quickly went into my account and set up a “welcome to the program” autoresponder that will welcome all people from now until I set up a proper course welcome page and add some of the promised content.

    I purposely create almost ALL of my courses like this because I procrastinate (sound familiar? you do this too?) and if I had to create a course ahead of time I think I might NEVER get it done. I’m always in “catch up” mode and while I’m working to get past this mindset hurdle, it’s one I’m dealing with. When I decided on the course setup I took into consideration the way I think my people will best learn the content and also the way I think I can best deliver it. I settled on two live training sessions because one of my favorite recent courses was in that format AND I know that is something I can 100% deliver on the dates given (hint, hint: procrastinators need unmovable deadlines).

    I share this with you because I think people have this vision of us (marketers and business owners) getting stuff done as having it all set out perfectly and being super organized and savvy and doing all the right things. Maybe some, but not me. I don’t do this perfectly but I DO IT and get results. That’s what matters to me, moving forward and getting things done. I hope that encourages you! Write the content first or don’t like I did, but take action!

  2. Emailed My List (of course) – Two days after I had created the course I emailed it to my list and started getting sales right away! It’s important I mention that before I wrote the salespage I also polled the members of the club in a curious post asking them the following:

    When I create a course or program, I don’t always do a straight obvious poll like this. This time I did and I got amazing feedback from members detailed all the reasons I’ve heard time and again for NOT emailing a list: I’m afraid people will unsubscribe, I don’t know what to say, I don’t think I can provide value, I don’t want to bug people, I don’t like selling, my market does not like lots of emails, etc.

    All this was content for my salespage!
    When I finished the page I came back into this same post, posted that I’d whipped up a salespage and thanked them for the feedback. Two members signed up immediately, even BEFORE I announced it was ready for sale.

  3. Contacted Affiliates – OK, I really have only personally contacted ONE affiliate so far. That’s not awesome. LOL. The one affiliate I contacted has promoted and as an affiliate manager/program owner it really is my duty to call on my affiliates personally, more often. I’m sure there are affiliates of mine who’d love to promote this offer if they know about it. So that’s my NEXT job. I had a few affiliate jump on board with this anyway and start sending me sales! I had one of my awesome affiliates ask me to write her a couple of emails to send her list, while she was travelling, which I happily obliged, of course!
  4. Kept Emailing My List – I have heard many people say that they’ve promoted something ONCE to their list. ONCE?!? No, no, no, no. You have to send people something over and over again. Do you have a teenager? I do. My son is 15 and there is no way in the world I’d tell him something once and expect it to make an impact. He’s got so much going on in his mind, he’s distracted, he’s busy (he’s in a band), things are coming at him and he’s just more concerned about his own agenda than mine. Do you think one time for something important is going to be enough? Will he need reminders? Am I worried that I’ll tell him TOO MUCH? Keep emailing your list. You don’t email the exact same thing, there’s a method to it and I’m going to sare just how I do this in my upcoming course Natural Email Marketer if you want all the details. But for the love of god don’t just emailing about anything just once! Keep emailing until the sales completely cease coming in!
  5. Setup a Facebook Group – As people started coming in I also set up the group to get the community started. I emailed customers to invite them to come on in and introduce themselves and we’re getting that going now.

As of this writing, we have 26 people signed up for the course. Many of them are members of the club (members get a 50% discount). Overall it’s a great success so far and we still have about a month to go before I release the program.

I was talking to a friend the other day who was thinking my upcoming course is going to be a “plug and play” kind of thing. A “step by step”. A “here’s what you do”.

I want to be clear: If you’re looking for the step by step solution to ANYTHING… you’re going to be dissappointed with me. So don’t buy my stuff.

I don’t do step by step and I’ll tell you why…

I wrote the STEPS I took in this post and by all means DO NOT take this as a formula or a method that you can repeat again and again with success, forever.

Business is not that simple. Marketing is not that simple. LIFE is not that simple.

No, I don’t do step by step.

I do understanding your market.
I do going on your instincts (and developing them where you don’t).
I do following your gut and speaking from you heart.

Sometimes I use great structure and sometimes I don’t.

But what I have to share in my upcoming program, it’s good. It’s really good. I might even go so far to say it’s EPIC. And that’s BECAUSE it’s not step by step.

Sure, I’ll give you my checklists (I’ll have to pull them from my head), I’ll create some starter templates and I’ll even be giving you a workbook to work through some things I think are of uber importance when emailing your market but all that is secondary to YOU as your business visionary, leader and head CREATIVE person.

My success and my results, you see, are steeped in the RIGHT BRAIN… Most of what I do is intuitive, thoughtful and subjective. It comes out of a confidence of knowing my stuff, knowing my people and knowing my message that I have to share!

If this appeals to you, then you just might be perfect to become a Natural Email Marketer. It’s going to be unlike anything you’ve ever taken and it’s going to help you be a complete natural at attracting, connecting with and selling to your ideal customers.

I think you’re going to love it!

Talk soon!


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