Ok I Admit It… I have an addiction!

Actually, I have multiple addictions.

I’ll tell you about that in a second.

First of all I want to say I just spent a couple of days this weekend with two of the best peeps I know (Rhonda & Sherry) and they’re from Newfoundland like me so you might here some Newfie slang like “Buddy” and “sure ya knows” in the next few paragraphs!

(Newfoundland is the far east coast of Canada).  Here’s a few pics from the weekend where we rode this really cool carousel that was made entirely from scrap metal! Very cool.

Ok let’s talk addictions:

I’m addicted to my smartphone (no doubt).
I’m addicted to new emails in my inbox (though I have gotten good at ignoring them, too).
I’m addicted to my facebook feed.
I’m addicted to binge watching Netflix.
Oh and I’m addicted to sugar, too, but that’s another problem for another day lol!

Phew! Confession feels good.

Now what?

Well admitting is the first step, right?

The next step… taking action. And if you’re not interested in getting DISTRACTED by my the ramblings of a 41 year old Newfie mom of two then go straight to the goods by joining the 30 Day Distraction Challenge RIGHT HERE!

Otherwise, I’d like to elaborate.

I’m wondering if we can chat about Internet Addiction?… specifically wasting time on social media because you are “compelled” to do it and also in your email inbox. It’s a serious issue and it’s not just with the Millennials, either!
I’m going to fully admit to you that I have an addictive personality. I’ve never been addicted to drugs, cigarettes or alcohol, gladly, but it’s why I have a super hard time with sugar (when my mom can literally eat JUST ONE), why I will binge watch Netflix (when others don’t), why I get wayyyy to involved in social media posts and why I am totally obsessed with online marketing and creating the Laptop Lifestyle (that’s the good side)!
Anyway… I have some solutions, too. 
I’ve run the 30 Day Distraction Challenge before and if there’s one thing I learned by running that challenge is that I am NOT alone in my addictions! I had over 200 people pledging to do better like me and going through the daily emails to keep them on track!! Oh and I had over 100 people in the private group, keeping accountable. I have had some incredible feedback from that challenge.
But I’m not stopping there! There were a few things I could make better about the last challenge and I”m doing that now and releasing it in just one week. It’s an ALL NEW Challenge so if you took the last one you’ll notice some (very good) changes. But it’s going to give you the same focus-producing results as the first!
AND so I’m doing it again! You can join the challenge now by going here.
Look… I’m lighthearted most of the time but this one weighs heavy. When I’m so compelled to check my phone that my daughter gets annoyed at the sight of it in my hand I know there’s a problem. I also know that when I put the phone DOWN and completely focus on here she is so much more happy, content AND co-operative. There is no excuse and that’s why this challenge has got to start SOON for me.
I know I can be a better mom, wife, sister and daughter if I FOCUS.
I know I need to break the patterns that are keeping me STUCK.
And you? Could you be less distracted? More focus? More productive? More involved in your family because you’re getting more done in less time? I bet you could 😉
I’m sooooo excited!
Talk soon,

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