What if Emailing Your List Was Comfortable,
Natural AND Profitable? What If You Could Easily &
Happily Do It Every Single Day?
You Can! And I Can Teach You How...

It’s time to become a Natural Email Marketer and never worry about unsubscribers,
annoying your list or what to write about ever again!

Angela Wills

Hello there! I’m Angela Wills, the founder and owner of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. 

I’ve been earning my living through services and content since 2007, a full-time living that supports & feeds my family, pays my bills and more. 

I email my list almost every single day of the year *gasp*.
I promote my business many times per day *gasp, again*.

My people love me. 
My emails get opened. 
My income grows.

Most people are AFRAID to email their list often. They’re worried about unsubscribers, annoyed readers, losing attention, losing business and more. 

I’m here to tell you I can teach you to NEVER be afraid of email marketing, like me. I can teach you to train your list to love hearing from you, even if you’re selling to them. I can teach you to be happy to get unsubscribers and to welcome differences of opinions on what you should actually be dropping in their inboxes. 

I can teach you to be a NATURAL EMAIL MARKETER!

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You love your business and want to email regularly, but just don't know what to say.
  • You are an introvert who craves connection but worries about bugging your people.
  • You've got a great business going and want to email more often, but you worry about providing enough "value".
  • You're smart, savvy and know your stuff, but you're not sure how to market to your list like it's a conversation.

Why email daily? Isn't once a week enough?

You know the answer to this already but I’ll tell you anyway:

Once a week is not enough.

The more you email, the more money you’re going to make. But feeling forced and pressured to write emails isn’t going to get you better results, you have to be able to do it naturally. When you write emails that feel natural to you, you’re going to experience these benefits:

Your List Will be More Responsive – Creating a connection with your list is tops. They need to know, like and trust you. That won’t happen unless they actually hear from you, regularly.

You Become a Better Writer – The more you write, the better you get at it. When you can write an email every day you’ll get well practiced in creating content that your people want to read.

You Have More Promotion Material – When you write emails often, you can reuse that content in any number of other places. I often start on my blog posts, send it to email, send that out to social media, send it out via push notices and more. One email goes a long way, when you set it up that way (I’ll show you how).

You Earn More Money – If you’re making money now and you double your emails sent it stands to reason that you’ll double your income. Or maybe you’d like to triple? quadruple? You get the picture.

Want more? Here’s a video about why I write marketing emails to my list every single day.  I recorded  this on Facebook Live so yes you’ll hear me say “oh hi, welcome!” a little time or two:

Imagine if you never hesitated to send an email...

Let’s jump ahead and imagine that you never have another worry about emailing your list. That you email whenever and about whatever you want. 

Let me tell you a little secret: 
Your list believes in you. They’re rooting for you. They’re mostly very trusting of you. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be on your list and be wasting their valuable time reading what you send them. 

What you do with that confidence is up to you. If you undermine it by not sharing all your greatness, you’re mission out. On the other hand, if you DO share and if you do so without apology, you’ll be building a rock-solid business foundation to grow your true fan base from. That is worth so much more than can be measured in dollars and cents! 

Email Marketing Offers Great Return on Investment

Email marketing is one of the highest return on investment marketing methods you can do. It’s been that way for a very long time and will likely remain for the same. 

Your email list is an asset and it costs only as much as the monthly fee on your email software.

Email has been said to be up to four times more effective than most other marketing methods! 

Not only will it pay to get really good at emailing your list effectively, it’s most likely to pay better than any other type of marketing you could be spending your time on right now. 

Can Anyone Do This? Don't You Just Have a Natural Talent?

Yes it’s true that emailing my list has come very natural for me. I write my list as easily as if I were writing to a great friend but it hasn’t always been that way! There was a time when I, too, was afraid to email my list and my heart jumped every time I hit the send button. I got over this because I had to, I had to earn more and I couldn’t afford to be so scared to get the message out. 

I’m very confident that anyone can do this. YOU can do this! I know it. 

I also know that my style won’t necessarily be your style and that’s totally OK. You’ll need to find your own natural groove for writing to your people. As you do that, they will relate to you and only you. That’s a good thing because you’re going to have a message that you’re people need to hear and they will only be able to hear it from you. 

Ok, Makes Sense. But Don't People Get Sick of Your Emails?

After a few years of growing a business online I was in a pretty desperate need to earn more income. I was a single mom, living in my parents basement apartment and I had built a list and an income… but it wasn’t enough.

So I did the math. 365 days of the year x 1 email a day = 365 (or more) opportunities to SELL. 

But… I can almost hearing you say it: Don’t people get sick of your emails, especially if you sell in every single one of them?

The short answer: NO

I am told time and again that my emails are awesome and I have a call to action, usually an offer to buy something, in almost every single one of them. 

What I realized is that you CAN email every day and here’s the big secret:
I truly believe in my value. I truly believe my paid stuff is where you get the MOST value. I respect ALL my readers and I write just as if I were writing to a long time friend.

I don’t expect, pressure or manipulate you into buying from me. I simply SHARE. 

I share my life. I share my interests. I share my excitement, frustrations, challenges, wins and massive breakthroughs!

I let my list know I’m a real person that they can get to know, like and trust. 

You can do the same. You can go from afraid to email your list to afraid to NOT email your list because you know you have something so important to share with them you’ve got to get it to them. You can email your list because know your value and you’re not afraid to put a price tag on it. You can share pieces of your life to create connection and trust (even if you’re an introvert who REALLY doesn’t want to get personal, I’ll teach you how)! 

YOU can go from not emailing enough to people wondering where you are when you haven’t emailed in a few days…

And that is the power of a true Natural Email Marketer… 

Introducing Natural Email Marketer

I can’t believe I haven’t taught this before, seriously.

I’ve been told for years upon years from my subscribers and customers that they LOVE my emails. And, while it comes natural to me I know it’s NOT the most natural thing to everyone. 

My one and simple goal in this training is to TEACH you to be a NATURAL at email marketing.  This training is for you if you:

  • Already have an email list and see the potential in emailing a lot more often.
  • Have products or services to promote, yours or as an affiliate, and need a way to reach people more often with offers.
  • Are done with using "made up rules" like "I can't email my list more than once a week" and are ready to create your own rules and boost your business many times over!

Here’s What You Get When You Join Natural Email Marketer…

1. Guided Training to Get You Motivated, Excited & READY to Email:

Most of what I do has more to do with mindset than it has to do with marketing. In this guided training, which I’ve broken into two parts, you’ll learn both the practical and the emotional steps you’ll need to take to email your list without fail, guilt or apology and get them THANKING YOU for your valuable messages. You will never have to worry about being an “interruption” again. 
Just some of the topics we’ll cover on this two session training, include:

  • How often to email your list for Maximum Results and extremely happy readers!
  • My process for choosing an email subject line that gets attention because, if they don’t even open it, they’re not going to buy or get to know you.
  • What you should write about and how to always have a pool of content so you’re never staring at a blank screen thinking you have nothing to say (because there’s ALWAYS something). 
  • Why you currently have a hard time writing and how to flip that switch so you write like a natural all the time, every time!
  • How to write your emails so that you actually GET UNSUBSCRIBES and why it’s super important to do so! << Crazy, right?
  • Making it EASY to plan out and write an entire month or more of emails, day by day. 
  • How to make sure you’re a blessing to your email subscribers (not a bother) and to ensure you never, ever feel the need to say something silly like: “I’m sorry to email you, but…” ever again!
  • Why I write like I talk and why you should, too (write like YOU talk).
  • What ELSE you can do with your emails… it doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) end after just one mailing.

This training is in the customer area and ready to go! I’m also having transcripts created now so that you can easily reference the trainings without needing to rewatch the entire video. 

2. Supportive Private Customer Group 

It’s almost guaranteed you’ll have questions as we work through the content of this training.
I’ll be personally monitoring a private group where I can offer support and quick advice.
This will help keep you from getting stuck and stalled in your tracks! You’ll get immediate access to this group.

3. Email Marketing Templates, Tools & Resources

Over the years I’ve created a ton of content, email marketing included. I am going to pull out examples from my own marketing and show you what’s work.
I’ll give you templates of all the most common TYPES of emails (and there are a few different types to be aware of), I’ll share with you the tools I use to make the most of my email marketing. 
I”ll also give you the inside scoop on all the best resources I use and recommend to get the job done properly. 

4. Emails That Click Fast-Action Challenge 

This challenge will be the perfect compliment to this course as it is the practical application of this training in quick and easy to complete daily tasks that get you on the path to creating a long-term habit of regularly emailing your list AND creating emails that get your readers to take action.

When you sign up for the Natural Email Marketer training, you will automatically get this training as a bonus added to your account when it is ready at the end of May. You’ll also get rights to rebrand this content as your own and use it in your own business to educate and motivate your audience. 

I can not wait to share this training with you. Emailing more often can multiply your profits. Emailing BETTER can multiply your profits. Combine these two powerful actions and you’ve got a kicker that can make you a lot more money even if you don’t add a single new person to your email list (though I highly recommend you do that, too, and we’ll talk about that in another training). 

I’m so grateful to one of my clients, Val Selby, for sending me this feedback on how my email marketing philosophy has impacted her and her business:

OK! Ready! I sure am… get signed up below with the option that best suits you. 

Ready? It's time to become a Natural Email Marketer!

Here’s what you’re signing up for:

  • Guided Training to Get You Motivated, Excited & READY to Email
  • Supportive, Private Customer Group
  • Email Marketing Templates, Tools & Resources
  • Emails That Click Fast-Action Challenge

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